Top Moves of Daniel Bryan

Bryan delivers a front missile drop kick to Randy Orton
Bryan delivers a front missile
drop kick
to Randy Orton
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Here, we will take a look at the top moves of Daniel Bryan. Over the years, WWE has churned out some amazing young talents who have turned out to achieve numerous milestones in the business. One such talent is a diminuitive American named Bryan Lord Danielson, commonly known as Daniel Bryan. Bryan has enthralled many with his never-say-die spirit and has won over fans by never considering the fans in a negative light. His signature chants of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” has blown the WWE Universe away with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube going viral with videos about how people across the globe are joining the “Yes!” bandwagon.

After entering the wrestling ring professionally through the company “Ring of Honour”, he was drafted into World Wrestling Entertainment in 2009, debuting with a win against Chavo Guerrero. He went on to be the current WWE Word Heavyweight Champion, a three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a United States Champion, a WWE Tag Team Champion and also a Slammy award winner for the Superstar of the Year. Rich in accolades, Daniel Bryan is surely a tough person to beat in the ring. Let’s have a look at some of his top moves which make him such a person.

5. Cattle Mutilation

Bryan is a submission specialist and he starts off this trade with this move which has made wrestlers like Jericho and Rhodes tap out. Here, Bryan gets both the opponent’s arms under his armpits, while being in an arched position on the mat, and pulls on them. The pressure exerted on the arms is massive and this makes many wrestlers give up vocally within seconds as its extremely hard for them to physically tap out here. Being the primary submission move for him in the past, it garnered a reputation for being one of the most deadly finishing moves at the time.

4. Front Missile Drop Kick

Drop Kicks are extremely common in the WWE arena nowadays. Athletic wrestlers have made it their butter and bread for their ammunition in the ring. But it depends on the wrestler’s ability to effectively execute it to inflict maximum damage. This is what Daniel Bryan has done with his version of the Missile Drop Kick.

Climbing up on the rope, he uses his athletic ability to the utmost effect by leaping on the opponent and, just when he is near the opponent’s head, he stretches his leg and gives maximum power on the kick to the opponent’s face. If not a win, this moves helps in wearing down the opponent a lot.

3. Running Knee

There are some moves which are not made popular by the impact on the opponent. They become popular due to the sheer showmanship that they portray on screen. Some moves like Tombstone and 619 have been deemed to be extremely stylish and entertainment material. The same goes for this fiery move of Bryan.

Here, a pumped up Bryan runs diagonally from one end of the ring to another and then leaps onto his opponent, striking him on the face with his knee. This is a move which has knocked out many wrestlers in the ring due to the sheer power and precision of Bryan. He can deliver these moves by leaping from the mat onto the opponent outside and also in the middle of the ring.

2. Repeated roundhouse kicks to the chest

Daniel Bryan has been the epitome of a being a fan favorite through many of his activites that are mainly for the fans. The essence of stardom is present in him throughout. This is hugely reflected in this move as, with each kick, there will be a chant of “Yes!” by the WWE universe. Here, Bryan’s opponent is on his knees while Bryan repeatedly keeps kicking him on the chest before he gears up for one final kick with maximum power at the back of the head. A truly hurtful move, this is basically a preview to the running knee that Bryan delivers for a knockout blow.

1. The Yes Lock

Originaly called the “Lebelle Lock”, this move was named after Judo “Gene” Lebell, who was a martial arts/wrestling champion. Being the primary submission move of Daniel Bryan, the name altered to being the “Yes lock” which gave further involvement to the audience in the moves that Bryan did as it was named after a revolution which was viral around the world. Here, the other person is on his hands and knees. Bryan takes one arm of the opponent by the wrist, stepsover the opponent’s shoulder with his right leg and falls down onto the mat on his bottom while making his opponent fall on the chest. He then puts his right leg under his left knee and reaches around the opponent’s shoulder putting his hands around the opponent’s forehead and pulling ur opponent. Huge amounts of pressure is exerted here and is bound to bring Bryan victory if executed victory. An example of this could be the time when Daniel Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in Wrestlemania, executing the Yes Lock on Batista.

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