Top moves of John Cena

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top moves of john cena

Here, we will look at the top moves of John Cena. In the WWE universe, there have been lots of wrestlers who have given up at the hands of a superior force. Presently, there are few who match the sheer perseverance of some age-old greats, most significantly The Undertaker. So when Kurt Angle called out any young wrestler from the locker room to challenge him in the ring, a lean man, sporting a weird crew-cut and wearing red shorts, came into the ring. Smiling, Angle asked “Who are you?” To which Cena replied, staring into his face, “I am John Cena”. With the attitude of a born champion, Cena showed the WWE authorities that he has it in him to move up to the top with a gruelling performance against Angle in that match. The rest is history, as Cena became a record 11-time WWE Champion and a 3-time World Heavyweight Champion.

With his motto being “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”, Cena’s consistent attitude of never going away to the evil side has been met with some criticism by a section of the fans. But it’s the other section that cheers him on due this very attitude. Thus, his matches have been nothing short of fascinating as it has, if not the best, one of the most animated atmospheres with one section screaming “Let’s go Cena” and a successive chant of “Cena sucks” by the other section. Such has been the magnitude of the effect of John Cena on the WWE universe. So, let’s take a look at some of the top moves of the face of WWE – John Cena.

#5 Running One-Hand Bulldog

This move is one of the many variations of the Face Buster. But the commitment and the agility with which Cena pulls this off makes this variation one of the best in the business.

This move has been a regular feature in Cena’s WWE stint for quite a long time as it has brought down big-name stars like CM Punk, Edge and Batista.

While the opponent is reeling from a collision, preferably from the turn buckle, Cena ricochets from the ropes and, using his momentum, jumps and takes the back of the head of his opponent, slamming him face first onto the mat. This move can be one for a pin fall or just to wear the opponent down for the final finisher of Cena. A deadly move by a gutsy wrestler.


#4 Flying Shoulder Block

Shoulder Blocks are used by many wrestlers in the ring and have been varied to hurt various parts of the body, including the knee. Edge and Roman Reigns have modified it to become one of their prime moves – The Spear. But the energy with which John Cena executes his variation is incomparable to any of the other modifications.

Cena prefers his opponent to be in the middle of the ring for this move. After he has got him there, Cena ricochets from the ropes and uses his momentum to fly towards the opponent, hitting his shoulders to the opponent’s shoulders or, sometimes, even the opponent’s abdomen.

Usually, not considered to be a move to be tried against big wrestlers, Cena’s amazing agility and perseverance has defied all odds and, therefore, comparatively big wrestlers like JBL and Jack Swagger have fallen victim to this ravenous move of his.


#3 Five-Knuckle Shuffle

There are very few finishing moves in WWE which have a definite move that precedes them consistently. Yes, there have been moves which have proved to be lethal enough for wrestlers to finally deliver the finisher but most of those moves have been inconsistent. Thus, the consistency of this move in Cena’s move set before the final finisher has always been a thing to marvel at.

This move has brought down wrestling greats like The Red Demon, Kane, and The Animal, Batista. He also gained respect from the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, when they together did the Five-Knuckle Shuffle on Chris Masters and Carlito.

This move starts off with Cena standing over his sprawled opponent, waves his hand in front of his face, runts to the ropes before ricocheting off them. As he does so, he runs towards the opponent, stops in front of him, waves his hands over his shoulders, in a manner that he’s sweeping dirt off, and balls his fist to hit the opponent straight on the face as Cena comes down on the mat. A stylish and an effective move.



Increasingly known to be a wrestler who wins by pinfall, Cena has had a submission move in his armour for years. More of like the Cross Face made popular by Benoit, STFU is Cena’s submission move. A move which is equally lethal to Benoit’s original due to the severity and urgency with which Cena carries it out.

Light or not, many wrestlers have fallen prey to Cena’s annihilation with this move. Even the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, had to bite the dust when Cena made him tap out an edition of RAW.

When the opponent is face first on the mat, Cena picks the opponent’s left leg up with his right hand while putting his right leg over the back of the opponent’s thigh, having the side of his leg over the opponent’s shin. On the opponent’s side, he hooks his feet together, locks the opponent around his face and exerts pressure on it while doing the same on the opponent’s leg too. The opponent is definitely gonna submit due to the unbearable pain.


#1 Attitude Adjustment

This move was originally termed as F-U due to Cena’s early storyline setting him up against Brock Lesnar who had a similar move named as F-5. But, he stated to Sports Illustrated that he changed the name to Attitude Adjustment as he realized that a lot of parents and children are watching him in the business and it would be out-of-line to name his finisher in this manner.

Basically being a variation of The Fireman’s Carry, this move has brought about the fall of the likes of Undertaker and The Rock, the Attitude Adjustment has always been reliable for the superstar and symbolizes the mental and the physical strength of the wrestler as he picks up competitors who look much more physically dominating than him.

This move involves him giving a toe kick into the gut of his opponent. As the opponent is bent towards him, he throws the opponent’s arm over his shoulder and reaches out under the opponent’s knee to pick him up over his shoulders. Then, Cena flips the opponent over on his back on Cena’s left side. The match is probably done and dusted.

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