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Strikes of the Viper: 5 Top Moves of Randy Orton

  • Here, we will take a look at the top moves of Randy Orton. There have been few prominent wrestlers who have come from families which are completely de ...
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top moves of randy orton

Here, we will take a look at the top moves of Randy Orton. There have been few prominent wrestlers who have come from families which are completely dedicated to wrestling. Many have been drafted into the business through some stellar performances in the ring in other arenas. One of these phenomenal wrestlers is The Viper, Randy Orton. Being the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion, Orton was termed as “The Legend Killer” as he viciously attacked Hall of Famers in the wrestling arena. Also, The Viper was the first wrestler to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title since its inception. So, let’s take a look at some of the top moves of The Legend Killer which helped him procure a fiery status in the business.

#5. Inverted Headlock Backbreaker

There are many variations to the traditional backbreaker, like the Catapult backbreaker and, the more common, the backbreaker drop. But this variation by The Viper has instilled fear into many wrestlers in the business and has invigorated awe into WWE fans worldwide.

With this move, Orton has brought down many wrestling greats like the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, and the perennially honest wrestler, John Cena. This move has fallen out of the wrestler’s spotlight for quite a long time but the effect hasn’t died down as he continues to use this move lethally, whenever he needs it.

Here, a left-arm headlock is executed from the back of Randy’s opponent, by locking the left arm under the chin and pulling at it. Then, Randy turns his body around, holding the lock, and drops down on his knees, thus slamming the opponent’s neck on Orton’s back. A perfect move before he applies his finisher.


#4. Powerslam

Another move which is commonly used by many wrestlers in the arena, the Power Slam has been effective in wearing many wrestlers out in the arena. The variation that Orton brings, though, is much more unpredictable than any other wrestlers in the ring. He just makes it seem like a piece of cake, as the move further helps him to gain momentum in the match.


A move which he uses in almost every match, this move has been pivotal in many prominent matches, one of them being the gory No Holds Barred match that he had with Mick Foley in Backlash for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 2004.

Here, he faces the opponent sideways, puts one arm around his opponent’s shoulders and one arm between the legs, lifts him up, spins and slams him on the mat. A deadly move.


#3. Superplex

Learning from his father and the legendary wrestler, Bob Ornton, Randy Orton has made his father’s finishing move his own with great effect. He is on the ball almost everytime, as he reads the situation well before executing this potential finisher from the turnbuckle.

This move is another one in The Viper’s arsenal which is shaky in its consistency of appearances, but when delivered, it has brought down the likes of Rey Mysterio and, most recently, Seth Rollins.

Here, his opponent is sitting on the turnbuckle, while he climbs up, makes his opponent stand up and puts his opponent’s arm around his neck. With his other under the opponent’s thigh, Orton picks the opponent up in a vertical position and slams him on his back on the mat.


#2. Rope Hung DDT

“That’s vintage Orton!” – a statement made by WWE commentator Michael Cole everytime Orton executes this slam. The statement holds true as well, as the vigour and menace with which he delivers this slam is unmatchable.

Orton has eliminated the likes of John Cena and even the current COO of WWE, Triple H, with this move. His feud with Triple H is one of the prime moments in his career with this move as, on an edition of Raw, he suddenly executed a DDT from the ropes on The Game and then did the same to his wife, Stephanie Mcmahon, after kissing her. A moment which the WWE COO would like to quickly forget.

Here, he holds his opponent by the neck, while his opponent’s legs are dangling on the ropes, and slams him on the mat face-first. A guaranteed fatal blow by The Legend Killer.


#1. RKO

This move has etched Randy Orton’s name in WWE history books as being one of the most volatile wrestlers in the arena due to the uniqueness of the way in which it is executed. Being primarily a finisher, the RKO has been the key move in Orton’s armour to counter any move from the opponent.

The RKO has been instrumental in his meteoric rise among the WWE ranks, putting the likes of The Phenom, The Undertaker and even the cult figure of Hulk Hogan to sleep.

Here, he waits until the opponent is standing up and facing him. After this happens, he jumps towards his opponent, while turning around, catching the opponent’s head, leaping into the air and slamming him onto the mat. Through this move, the opponent faces excessive damage on the back of his head, making a pinfall imminent in favour of the Viper.

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