Top star to leave company after loss, big return & more - 4 possible surprises for WWE RAW

WWE Monday Night RAW may feature some big surprises
WWE Monday Night RAW may feature some big surprises

WWE's latest premium live event aired this past Saturday. The company held the 2024 King and Queen of the Ring PLE live from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and most fans felt the show was excellent. A new champion was crowned, as was a new King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring.

As exciting as the show was, there is no way for Triple H and World Wrestling Entertainment as a whole to slow down. The next big PLE, Clash at the Castle: Scotland, is in just three weeks. The build for that event starts on WWE RAW tonight.

Beyond that, not much has been announced for the red brand's next show. Becky Lynch swore to get a rematch against Liv Morgan for the Women's World Championship, but otherwise, things are fairly mysterious for the time being.

That could mean Triple H and company officials have some surprises up their sleeve. This article will take a look at a handful of surprises or unexpected moments that could take place on Monday Night RAW tonight.

Below are four possible surprises for WWE RAW.

#4. Becky Lynch could suffer a defeat in a Loser Leaves WWE Match

Liv Morgan at King and Queen of the Ring
Liv Morgan at King and Queen of the Ring

Becky Lynch is one of the all-time greats in WWE. She is a former WrestleMania main eventer and a multi-time world champion. Until this past Saturday, she was also the Women's World Champion.

Some fans were surprised to see The Man lose the title, but others expected it due to rumors of her WWE contract expiring soon. In fact, some are of the belief that Big Time Becks won't be sticking around the company for the foreseeable future.

The Man and Liv Morgan could clash for the Women's World Title and an added stipulation could lead to Becky's absence from the company. They could add a Loser Leaves Town gimmick, which means if The Man loses the bout, she is forced to walk away from the company. This might be how Triple H writes her off of television.

#3. Raquel Rodriguez could return and help Liv Morgan defeat The Man

Regardless of the stipulation of the possible Women's World Championship bout, fans expect the finish to include interference. In fact, most of the WWE Universe anticipates The Judgment Day, and Dominik Mysterio in particular, to help Morgan retain her title.

Interference could happen, but a different performer could aid Liv Morgan instead. Raquel Rodriguez has been out of action due to some health complications, but as far as anyone knows, a return could happen at any time. Perhaps the WWE star could make her comeback on RAW.

Liv and Raquel are former Women's Tag Team Champions and established allies. Rodriguez turning heel to aid Morgan in defeating The Man and then working together moving forward could be quite interesting to witness. If nothing else, it would give Raquel a fresh start.

#2. The Creed Brothers could turn heel and join Chad Gable

Chad Gable and The Alpha Academy are going through some serious issues lately. Gable has been yelling at and tearing down the WWE RAW stars, especially his former number one guy, Otis. This includes at the 2024 King and Queen of the Ring event where Otis accidentally clotheslined Gable.

That may have been where Chad draws the line. If he isn't satisfied with Otis, Akira Tozawa, and even Maxxine Dupri, he could recruit new members to The Alpha Academy. Perhaps the best possible recruits would be Julius and Brutus Creed, collectively known as The Creed Brothers.

The Creed Brothers joined WWE RAW last year and have had mixed momentum. Their time on the brand started strong, but they fell into obscurity later. If the two turn heel, join Gable, and perhaps even attack the duo of Otis and Tozawa, their careers could see a big uptick moving forward.

#1. Dijak could return and attack Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn had a big night at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024. He defended his prized Intercontinental Championship against both Bronson Reed and Chad Gable in a Triple Threat Match and ended up standing tall.

With a big title defense under his belt, it makes sense for his next challenger to be lined up on RAW. The perfect opponent could be the surprise return of Dijak who once wrestled on the red brand as T-BAR.

The former RETRIBUTION member was able to revitalize his career on NXT before being called up again in the WWE Draft 2024, but he's yet to actually appear on television. He could do so by shockingly attacking Sami Zayn and staking his claim for the Intercontinental Title.

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