Trent Seven reveals how he's managed to stay relevant as both a singles AND a tag team star [Exclusive]

Trent Seven has proven to be both a singles and tag team star
Trent Seven has proven to be both a singles and tag team star
Gary Cassidy
Modified 05 Feb 2020

Ahead of NXT UK's free-to-air debut in the UK tomorrow, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of the founding fathers of the brand in Trent Seven.

The debut of WWE's flagship British show on the Paramount Network in the UK tomorrow is part of WWE's deal with Channel 5 that sees RAW and SmackDown on free-to-air television in the UK for the first time ever.

One man who has been with NXT UK since its inception, even before it was named NXT UK, is Trent Seven. Seven has been a mainstay of the promotion - both as a singles star and as part of Moustache Mountain - but how does Seven ensure he doesn't get lumped into the category of either singles or tag team wrestler? He credited his run as Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion - tag team partner Tyler Bate and NXT star Pete Dunne!

One thing that's a true testament to yourself and Tyler is how easily you can be high on a card as Moustache Mountain or a singles wrestler? Not getting stuck in the bracket of "tag team wrestler" - what's that down to?

I think the main thing is the formation of British Strong Style. Obviously myself, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate.
That kind of came together quite a few years now. As much as it was a combination of Moustache Mountain and Pete, the amount that I learned from being around those two helped with my solo career so much more.
When we actually initially former British Strong Style, when we'd joined WWE, I think Pete was the Progress World Champion, I was the ICW World Champion, and obviously Tyler won the first tournament - so, at one point, during the initial stages of joining WWE, we all held major independent and obviously WWE solo championships.
So, that, added together with the bond that we've got, especially as a three and especially a two, it helps with whatever situation we're put on the card or whatever situation we're put in as regards to having an opponent or opponents. It kind of gives us that knowledge that, no matter where we are on the card, we'll always have help to go get that job done - whether it's singles, six-man tag or two-on-two as well.

NXT UK debuts on the Paramount Network in the UK tonight at 11:45 pm, in the first of a weekly series - airing every Wednesday. WWE SmackDown will debut on Channel 5 this weekend, too, at 10:30 am on Saturday, with RAW continuing in the same slot on Sunday morning.

Published 05 Feb 2020
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