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Impact Wrestling News: Trevor Lee comments on GFW rebranding

Austin Hough
671   //    22 Sep 2017, 15:19 IST

Trevor Lee isn't fazed by the uncertainty
Trevor Lee isn't fazed by the uncertainty

What's the Story?

In an interview with Wrestle Inc., GFW star Trevor Lee was asked about the rebranding of GFW and Impact Wrestling.

In Case You Didn't Know...

The GFW/Impact Wrestling brand has gone through a lot of changes the past few years. There's been a lot of uncertainty about Impact since the purchase of the company by Anthem Sports in January.

It seemed the uncertainty was coming to an end in June when Impact merged with GFW, with GFW absorbing Impact's roster and wrestling under the GFW brand. This, however, did not stop the issues, and it is still unclear what the name of the company really is at this point.

The Heart of the Matter

Through all this confusion, the performers of GFW are still expected to do their job. One of those performers is Trevor Lee, who has become a standout in the X-Division.

Lee recently spoke to Wrestle Inc. about all the name changes and rebranding. Lee said all the chaos going on outside the ring has not affected his in-ring performance.

"The way we looked at it - a few of us at least have been through a couple of changes in the company, but that never changed the way we went out there and tried to perform, or the way we tried to carry ourselves in the back.
We're just trying to keep us going, we're just trying to make sure things happen every week. We're just trying to see that people are happy."

What's Next?

The rebranding of Impact Wrestling into GFW is surrounded by uncertainties once again. For now, the company still runs weekly programming on Thursday nights on POP TV. However, its name will be decided in the following months.

Author's Take

It's good to see that the wrestlers are taking all the backstage shenanigans with GFW in stride. The wrestling has been solid for GFW this year, despite all the craziness going on with the higher-ups at Anthem and GFW.

Hopefully, this can all end by the end of the year so the company can focus on rebuilding its image in 2018 behind guys like Lee, Bobby Lashley, and EC3.

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