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Triple H comments on The Shield, talks about Payback and Daniel Bryan

Snehartho Dey
3.79K   //    15 May 2014, 12:54 IST
Triple H talks about Daniel Bryan's surgery on Michael Cole's show

Triple H talks about Daniel Bryan’s surgery on Michael Cole’s show

Triple H returned to his weekly sit-down interview with ringside commentator Michael Cole. The Game shared his opinions on the current events and talked about two major storylines that could develop.

Triple H stated that it remains to be seen whether Daniel Bryan will be stripped off his title or not. He also mentioned that Bryan has surgery with Dr. Joseph Maroon in Pittsburgh on Thursday following which the WWE fans will have a definitive answer on the title’s future on Monday Night Raw.

Hunter then turned heel and mocked Daniel Bryan by saying,”Is this the kind of rigors that a little B-Plus Player like Daniel Bryan can withstand?”

Michael Cole asked about Kane’s out of control situation to which Triple H replied that Kane is a monster who has come out of his box. He does what he does best and this isn’t a ballet where you can dictate someone’s actions.

Triple H also said, “Everybody wants to be here. Everybody wants to be in WWE. Everybody wants to be an A-Plus Player and they want to b—- about it when they get hurt. I’m tired of that attitude. You want to play the game? Be prepared to pay the price for it.”

Triple H also talked about Evolution’s rematch with The Shield at Payback. He mentioned how they know they got lucky and they would want to prove their point at the PPV. Hunter also said, “This will be over at Payback.”

Here is The Game’s interview with Michael Cole.

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