Triple H discusses the "imaginary war" with AEW, NXT moving to Tuesday

Triple H
Triple H
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Modified 22 Apr 2021

Triple H is the Founder and Executive Producer of NXT, having the final say on most matters regarding WWE's Black and Gold Brand. Recently, NXT moved to Tuesdays, after being involved in a "ratings war" with AEW in the eyes of many fans.

AEW signed a TV deal with TNT in 2019 and debuted their show, AEW Dynamite, on October 2, 2019. They have since run their weekly episode every Wednesday, going head to head with NXT for 80 weeks.

Triple H discussed NXT moving to Tuesdays while speaking on ESPN's Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg:

"The promotional opportunity for us is much better on a Tuesday and also then not having to have a narrative where it's just constantly about an imaginary war, you know, or this imaginary battle." People can say what they want, but the truth of the matter is, you compete against everything if you are creating a television product or content. That is the world we live in. It's content." Triple H said, "You're constantly competing for eyeballs and time against everything . . . "Having your own space where sort of where you don't have to then have an added imaginary battle stacked up against you is kind of nice."

Triple H says having a lead-in from RAW will also help NXT


Triple H said he believed the move to Tuesdays would be helpful for NXT, since there would be a very strong lead-in provided by RAW from the night before.

In the same interview, Triple H added:

"When we first started NXT, it was on Wednesdays for years on the [WWE] Network. The transition to USA and wanting to keep that consistency for those that were watching on the [WWE] Network, so they would know where to find it and not have confusion" Triple H said, "This is a great opportunity for us to have that lead-in from Monday Night RAW and get that promotional window from Monday Night RAW"

The move to Tuesday has thus far proven to be beneficial for NXT as their first Tuesday show on April 13 earned good ratings. It seems NXT will be staying on Tuesday for a good while since it doesn't face any major wrestling competition in the time slot.

What do you think of NXT moving to Tuesdays? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published 22 Apr 2021
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