Triple H to finally fix WWE's big mistake & more - 4 reasons why Finn Balor should win Money in the Bank in 2024

Finn Balor should win WWE Money in the Bank 2024 and here
Will Finn Balor become Mr. MITB this July? [Image via & WWE on X]

WWE will head to Toronto, Canada, in July this year for the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event. The marquee PLE will see top superstars from RAW and SmackDown battle it out in Ladder Matches to collect the career-altering MITB contract for a guaranteed championship opportunity.

Although there are several who would have their eyes set on the briefcase, it must be Finn Balor who ultimately holds the contract in his hand. The former Universal Champion is arguably the top favorite to win the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder match and right the wrongs from his main roster run.

Here, we look at five reasons Triple H must book Finn Balor to win Money in the Bank in 2024. So, without further ado, let's begin:

#1. Finn Balor finally wins big!

Finn Balor has consistently delivered good matches on RAW, but almost all have ended with him taking the pin. He has repeatedly taken losses on the red brand since WrestleMania, where he and Damian Priest couldn't retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. To make things worse, he is sometimes reduced to the role of an errand runner in The Judgment Day.

A superstar of Balor's caliber should be pushed higher up the card. Winning the Money in the Bank contract would allow him to raise his stakes on the red brand after a series of defeats. It would also add to his heel run, giving him a chance to do more with the role he has been enjoying so far on the show.

#2. Massive change in The Judgment Day dynamics

There is no denying that tension between Damian Priest and the rest of the heel faction is rising weekly. But it's only Finn Balor in the group who poses a legitimate threat to The Archer of Infamy's World Heavyweight Championship reign.

Priest used the same contract to win the title at WrestleMania XL. Seeing Balor hold the briefcase this time would add to the tension and mistrust, setting up the betrayal. The champion's paranoia could further be fuelled by Balor's subtle threats once in a while if he has the Money in the Bank contract.

#3. Secret plan with Liv Morgan on WWE RAW

The WWE Universe is hooked on what's brewing between Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan. But more can come out of The Prince's secret meeting with the Women's World Champion, as they were both seen exiting the same car on RAW last week.

Sure, it seems Morgan is trying to get The Judgment Day on her side, but we may also see her secretly plotting with Finn Balor. The latter is evidently interested in Damian Priest's World Title, primarily when The Archer of Infamy used the gold to impose his leadership. However, adding Money in the Bank briefcase into the mix could allow Balor to make his plans for The Judgment Day's break-up with Morgan and possibly JD McDonagh.

#4. Triple H books Finn Balor to win the World Championship

Finn Balor arrived on the WWE main roster, won the Universal Championship, relinquished the title on the following night due to injury, and could never taste similar success again. He has since always been sidelined for other feuds and storylines or is booked to lose crucial matches.

Although Balor is criminally overlooked on the main roster, he was brilliant on NXT during both his reigns under Triple H. Only The Game could help make up for Balor's lackluster run on the main roster by allowing the latter to be The Prince. A World Heavyweight Championship reign for Finn Balor in WWE has been long overdue, and after trying everything, maybe it's a successful Money in the Bank cash-in that would put him back on the top.

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