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WWE News: Triple H reportedly very worried about Ric Flair’s health

Ric Flair's partying ways are a matter of grave concern for Triple H.

Triple H is reported to have had a talk with Flair regarding the latter’s health

Ric Flair is perhaps one of the most beloved and respected names in the wrestling business. It was a feel-good moment when The Nature Boy finally returned to WWE programming last week to place his stamp of approval on Sasha Banks as the new WWE RAW Women’s Champion at the expense of Charlotte Flair.

However, Flair’s latest stints with the company is shrouded with concerns regarding his health. The latest reports from Inquisitr.com suggest that Chief Operating Officer, Triple H is concerned about Flair’s health. Hunter seems to be perturbed by the fact that Flair still parties too much, an issue that is taking a toll on his health. In fact, Flair’s current run with the company is a result of Triple H wanting to talk to the wrestling legend about his lifestyle choices and a possible treatment for his health issues.

It is evident to most fans in the WWE Universe that Triple H and Ric Flair share a special bond. The two were part of one of the most dominant factions in Evolution. Triple H has always been a vocal supporter of Flair. This has allowed Flair to be associated with the company in some capacity or the other despite heat from other members of the WWE creative team.

Once again ‘Slick Ric’ is at a point in his career when his shenanigans outside the squared circle are threatening his career and legacy inside the ring. WWE management has, time and again, showed that they do not hesitate to let go of legends when there is heat on them.  

Flair is reported to be on his best behaviour for the past two weeks, now given that the two-time Hall of Famer is reported to have signed a new deal with WWE that will keep him on WWE TV till 2018. At the moment, Flair is an integral part of the rivalry between Charlotte and Sasha Banks heading into Roadblock: End of the Line. It is expected that Flair will continue to feature as a decisive factor in a majority of Charlotte’s matches. There are even rumours of Ric reuniting with his daughter somewhere down the line.

There are a number of possible angles that WWE can feature Flair into, but the Nature Boy’s will have to be at his absolute best. Now that he has resumed his role with the WWE, it will be interesting to witness the events that transpire between him and Charlotte.     

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