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Triple H's 5 greatest WrestleMania entrances

Bow down to The Game and his many, many elaborate WrestleMania entrances.

Triple H just loves to be the centre of attention

A grand entrance at WrestleMania is a big deal, and as such it's usually only reserved for a select few Superstars every year. Unfortunately, it seems as if Triple H has taken up the majority of the funds for such occasions in recent years, with The Game receiving over-the-top entrances at pretty much every WrestleMania since transitioning into a part-time competitor.

Some will say it's not fair on younger talent, meanwhile, others will choose to enjoy the spectacle for what it is: just completely ridiculous. Some of his entrances have been better than others, but in reality, you can't really go wrong with a character like Triple H's.

Whether it be imitating a famous movie character or just looking like a bad ass, HHH fans are always likely to enjoy themselves.

Since missing out on WrestleMania 23 through injury, the former World Champion has appeared in nine consecutive ‘Manias, which is staggering when you consider that he's well past his prime. In that sense, we should probably be appreciating these entrances whilst we can still get them, and because of that it's time to look at the positive side of things.

With that in mind, let's take a look at Triple H's five greatest WrestleMania entrances.

#5 WrestleMania 17

HHH vs. Taker was a great first instalment of their Mania series

It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from - Motorhead playing you down to the ring is a pretty cool moment. So naturally, we had to include such a thing on this list despite Lemmy missing out half the words to Triple H's entrance music.

It really didn't matter in the grand scheme of the moment because the adrenaline was pumping, the crowd was electric and the whole thing was just great to see.

It built Triple H up as this no-nonsense bad guy who would do anything in order to continue his rise to the top, which included defeating The Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all. He may have ultimately failed, but everything about this entrance felt extremely real and gave Triple H that sense of invincibility that he always seems to crave oh so badly.

Onto an entrant that fits the "over the top" moniker slightly better.

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