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Twitter reacts to a No Mercy PPV full of odd choices

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Let's see w
Let's see what you thought about No Mercy

No Mercy happened but ironically, there was no mercy to be had. If this was Stephanie McMahon's birthday present, then she has an interesting taste in gifts.

Brock Lesnar beat Braun Strowman clean after one F5 and I can't begin to rationalize that right now. But Twitter certainly reacted in a big way.

The Internet Wrestling Community also had plenty to say about some of the other unusual events during No Mercy. There was no shortage of opinion and comedy which makes us wonder if WWE shouldn't do some kind of Tough Enough type show where members of the IWC compete to win the chance to become a WWE writer. I would certainly watch that show.

Let's start off with Lesnar vs Strowman because it's already been mentioned. This encounter took a couple strange turns but saw Braun Strowman looking great for pretty much the entire match.

Even after Brock Lesnar hit a bunch of German Suplexes it still looked like Braun Strowman was going to press on. Suddenly an F5 from Lesnar ended the match.

Let's see what you had to say about it.


Twitter also had plenty to say about the entire PPV itself. A majority of people seemed to agree No Mercy underdelivered in a very big way and the IWC wasn't shy about bringing it up.

Let's also bring up the fact Cesaro probably paid the ultimate price tonight when he lost his two front teeth. The Raw Tag Team Championship match got pretty bloody thanks to a spot where Cesaro destroyed his pearly whites while taking a bump in the corner.

After No Mercy's conclusion, John Cena appeared on Raw Talk and got pretty emotional. He made mention of WWE putting his signal in the air and he'd show up. Since we're lucky enough to live in 2017 someone threw that together to show us what WWE is probably working on right now.

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