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Well as most of the Indians ,I also have been following WWE for so many years now.It was very exciting and fun to watch WWE .But now,WWE has become predictable ,boring and repetitive.I mean people always know that now referee is busy in talking and some bad thing will take place.Only thing which I see now is Wrestlemania.Well but as soon as i started watching UFC,I have been amazed by the sheer class of the fighters.Now i wake up at 6:30 or 7:30 in the morning whenever there is any special event taking place.Well the reality of UFC touched me in such way that i can easily say that 5-6 months of UFC viewing are better than 7-8 years of WWE viewing.Well the workout of the fighters,the build up,the stare down etc are very exciting.Genuine rivalry unlike WWE where they fake their anger and frustration.In real life they might be hanging out with each other whereas in UFC they hate each other from inside.I can assure you that if Rock faces either Anderson Silva or GSP,he will get beaten.Well UFC is gaining quick popularity and I am afraid that WWE is losing popularity.It is getting old and people are tired of watching rehearsed fights.So I prefer UFC any day as it has  real blood,real fights and real fighters.WWE is fixed and so every fighter knows the result of the fight before the start of the fight.In UFC,everything happens on the spot.That is why we can see genuine bruises on the faces of UFC fighters whereas in WWE  you can only see blood..Dana White is the UFC boss and he does everything like a boss should unlike Vince who comes to fight and gets beaten up by his own employees .Yes WWE is more watched but you cant argue with the fact that many of the people who watch it are small kids..UFC is less watched as it has real violence and it is a bit violent for children .Nowadays most youngsters have started watching UFC because they want to see some real action.John Cena is my favorite wrestler but people have got  bored  seeing him again and again.I mean if WWE is real then why don’t they fight like real people do and if it is not real,then why watch a fake fight when you can watch a real one..What technique do they use?I mean,I have never seen real people fight like they do.In UFC each fighter has some kind of belt in martial arts like jiu-jitsu.In UFC,the referees are strong and have full authority unlike WWE in which referees are weak and get beaten up..UFC is and will always be more exciting and it will always be better than WWE.Well i will leave it for you to think about it!

HEY guys.....i am shahbaz waraich you must have figured out that gerrard i have put in my name COZ i am a die hard fan of Liverpool!I love Sports......In tennis,i love nadal ...I watch alot of cricket too.....Rahul Dravid is my favourite player.....Recently i have developed a huge interest in UFC..I am a huge sports Fanatic....YNWA.
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