UFC/WWE News: Dana White provides surprising update on Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Cormier

Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier
Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier

What's the story?

One of the most eagerly awaited bouts in UFC is the showdown between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar, which could very well be the last match in UFC for Cormier.

But, that proposed match has been put on the backburner, mostly by Lesnar, who hasn't confirmed with the UFC about his availability.

Ahead of UFC 236, UFC President Dana White gave an interesting update about that bout, and if it will even happen.

In case you didn't know...

Following UFC 226, where Daniel Cormier defeated Stipe Miocic in the Heavyweight class, Lesnar went into the cage, pushed Cormier and set up a match between the two.

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Lesnar lost the Universal title to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35, in a short match. Rumours have suggested that Lesnar was unhappy with Vince McMahon backstage and demanded that his match go on last. But when that demand was denied, he demanded that his match go on first, which did happen.

The heart of the matter

Speaking to reporters at the UFC Press Conference, Dana White disclosed some details on the fight and if it will even happen.

“Seriously, that fight isn’t even in the works. That fight may not even happen," said the UFC President at the UFC press conference.

White, though, didn't dismiss the possibility of that match happening and said: “When Brock Lesnar’s ready, he’ll call me.”


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What's next?

We aren't sure what the status of Lesnar is in the WWE, but there is a huge possibility that The Beast will step into the octagon soon.

Do you think the match between Lesnar and Cormier will happen? Comment below!

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