Unpopular Opinion: Becky Lynch is more over than Roman Reigns ever will be

Roman Reigns Never Over
Roman Reigns Never Over

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Now, wait a minute! Before Roman Reigns fans come at me with pitchforks alongside the rest of the WWE Universe, give me a minute to state my case. First of all, let's celebrate the fact that 'The Big Dog' is back in action. It's a testament to his endurance and his unwillingness to give up in the face of adversity.

I have had a grandparent who beat breast cancer in her sixties, who went on to live for another 25 years passing away last year at the age of 91. It is tough to see a loved one battle an incurable disease. Roman Reigns' wife and children have been in his corner every step of the way as well as the rest of the Anoa'i family including The Usos and The Rock.

So, now we got that out of the way. Are you still with me? I just hope I don't get a superman punch in the middle of the street for what I'm about to say. Roman Reigns has never actually been over with the WWE fans. And it's not his fault. When The Shield debuted, Roman Reigns was considered the breakout star. He was heir to the legacy of John Cena and came off as a legitimate badass.

Thanks to the way WWE news is generated through social media and the dirt sheets are there for everyone to see, it's quite apparent that he was chosen by Vince McMahon and Triple H to carry on where John Cena left off. And that was when it all started to fall apart. Maybe it has to do with information being made available at a moment's notice or internet trolls having a voice, there was something not quite right about his rise.

WWE creative has been guilty of pushing ahead with storylines when they're not even working. It's like the captain of the Titanic telling his crew 'full speed ahead' when the ship is sinking. That has and always will be the curious case of Roman Reigns. He is a gifted athlete, has pleasing looks and can give good matches. Though his promo skills are always going to be average.

Michael Cole can keep driving home the fact that Roman is The Rock's cousin but Roman Reigns will never have the moniker of the best WWE Superstar ever. He certainly commands a fanbase of millions worldwide but he will never ever be 'The Man.'

Becky Lynch Reigns Supreme
Becky Lynch Reigns Supreme

This brings us back to arguably the most popular WWE Superstar right now. Becky Lynch has been something that Roman Reigns never was and that was coming off as a champion of the people.

Before WWE went corporate, they did listen to the fans and gave what the fans wanted. Becky Lynch has had an organic rise. She was never chosen by management nor is she part of a WWE legacy like Charlotte Flair.

To be fair, Charlotte is that good in the ring and very deserving of her place. But when Becky Lynch comes out, I'm anticipating everything that she could do. It's the same feeling I had when watching Stone Cold Steve Austin making Vince's life a living hell.

That's what being over is all about. WWE has forgotten what it meant to build stars that are larger than life. Maybe, it's a business strategy where one individual entity should not be bigger than the company itself. They rather churn out wrestlers, like a factory, who could be replaced at any given time. But certain things can't and will never change.

Sometimes, the WWE Universe provides the sign and it's up to 'The Powers That Be' to embrace it and run with it. To their credit, WWE has followed through it by embracing the women's division and the possibility of a women's main event for the first time in WrestleMania history. But it is not enough.

A WWE Superstar is not created in a lab by Vince McMahon. Rather, it is a fusion of WWE, the WWE fans as well as the Superstars themselves. It's part of a larger ecosystem that will never change irrespective of new corporate guidelines. Roman Reigns will be always be remembered well but Becky Lynch will always be The Man.

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