Unpopular Opinion: WWE has many booking problems heading to Royal Rumble

Who will be victorious come Sunday?
Who will be victorious come Sunday?

WWE, because of a wide cluster of conditions, has booked itself into a flat out chaos ahead of the 2019 Royal Rumble PPV. Despite the declining viewership for both Raw and SmackDown Live, the company has somewhere around itself several superstars. The likes od Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Becky Lynch, and Ronda Rousey are all scorching right now, which really represents an issue for the other wrestlers on the roster.

As the exemplary professional wrestling saying goes, you can't drive everybody without a moment's delay, and at Royal Rumble, a progression of determined booking moves and unanticipated conditions will reach a critical stage when WWE must choose which stars will or won't be pushed in course to WrestleMania 35.

We should start with the Universal Championship picture, which seems to be hanging on the ropes of uncertainty. There are two matches that will occur at Royal Rumble, the match for Universal Championship between Brock Lesnar and Balor and the Royal Rumble match itself that will have long haul consequences on Raw, WrestleMania 35 and a considerable lot of the best stars on the red brand.

Balor versus Lesnar is probably going to be "The Beast" as Lesnar versus Seth Rollins seems to be the plan for WrestleMania 35. However, there are chances that either Strowman or Drew McIntyre might steal the chance to fight for the Championship belt at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

That, obviously, will require a push for either Rollins or McIntyre in the Royal Rumble PPV itself, and it likewise could imply that WWE needs to discover a route for Strowman to come to the picture despite his absence from the Royal Rumble.

Only a month back, McIntyre was a sure shot possibility to win the match, yet the not so excellent booking of "The Scottish Psychopath" from that point forward (when he's lost matches to Dolph Ziggler and Balor and hasn't been secured so much since then) has brought up various possibilities regardless of whether he has a genuine shot of winning the race. It looks like WWE has already decided on making Seth Rollins as the face of WWE after Roman Reigns' exit.

The issue, however, is that both Balor and Rollins should succeed at Royal Rumble, but then, a Balor/Rollins fight at WrestleMania 35, from a narrating point of view, doesn't bode well as either McIntyre/Strowman or Rollins/Lesnar.

In any case, Strowman, who has been hampered by awful reserving especially in his fight with Lesnar, truly can't bear to leave Royal Rumble without an unmistakable way to WrestleMania in light of the fact that it wouldn't come across strong for his character.

In the event that Strowman does nothing of note at the Royal Rumble and additionally if Rollins fails to win the Royal Rumble, that is a tremendous blow to Raw, which has seen its TV viewership dive amid the dull Universal title rule of Lesnar that has made Raw terribly hard to watch consistently.

WWE needs to guarantee that Strowman and Rollins leave Royal Rumble happier than they were the point at which they entered it. This could be inconceivably troublesome given the probability that in the event one finds success at the Royal Rumble, the other will probably be thrown away on the course to WrestleMania. In like manner, a misfortune for Balor will end the force of one of WWE's most sweltering acts.

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