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Vince McMahon got drunk with the Superstars and urinated on a former WWE Champion's bed 

  • This is easily the wildest Vince McMahon story ever!
  • The party had some of the biggest names of the business and the boss was at his high-spirited best.
Modified 22 Mar 2020, 18:04 IST

Vince McMahon.
Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon is a man of many different moods. The WWE boss can be a ruthless administrator when in his suit and tie, however, even Mr. McMahon likes to loosen up and have a good time.

During the sold-out Inside The Ropes live show titled 'Hitman: An Evening with Bret Hart', Bret Hart opened up about a party from back in the day that included Vince McMahon and various other Superstars from that era.

The party took place at San Antonio Strip Bar and it had some of the biggest names in attendance such as Hulk Hogan, the Road Warriors, and Davey Boy Smith.

Bret Hart revealed that Vince McMahon walked into the party completely drunk. According to Hart, McMahon came in with his tie loose and was a 'total mess' as he went on to have fun with the other wrestlers.

It was a wild party as all the wrestlers hit their finishers on the boss before they all decided to head to Ric Flair's hotel suite. They were given a police escort to the suite at three in the morning and it was said that Ric Flair was not present in his room at the time.

McMahon went up to the front desk and procured the key to Flair's room, because, of course, he's Vince McMahon!

Bret revealed that it was probably Curt Hennig's idea that whenever someone wanted to use the restroom, they would instead urinate on Ric Flair's bed to get back at the Nature Boy.

"I remember, I don't know how [they got in], I think it was Curt Hennig to be honest, whenever someone had to go to the bathroom, they started peeing on the king-size bed in Flair's room, and somehow it was to get back at Ric Flair. I'm not sure how. It was like a rib. Everybody would pee. There would be like four or five guys peeing on the bed. Everybody peed on the bed. I remember Vince McMahon peed on the bed, and I don't know whatever happened, but I know Vince paid for everything." H/t Credit: WrestlingInc

Vince McMahon is a genuine party animal!

Published 22 Mar 2020, 18:04 IST
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