Vince McMahon 'got tired' of dealing with opinionated WWE Superstar backstage

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

Former WWE producer Arn Anderson has revealed that many of the company’s higher-ups, including Vince McMahon, “got tired” of dealing with Dolph Ziggler backstage.

This week’s episode of Anderson’s ARN podcast gave an insight into the 2015 Extreme Rules pay-per-view, including Ziggler’s win over Sheamus in a ‘Kiss Me Arse’ match.

Anderson said the two-time World Heavyweight Champion was often very opinionated backstage, which may have prevented him from becoming one of the company’s top main-event Superstars.

“I’m sure a lot of guys, the higher-ups in the office, and certainly the boss [Vince McMahon], got tired of dealing with Dolph, but the fact of the matter is, Dolph is right a lot of the time.”

Dolph Ziggler in WWE


Arn Anderson added that there was a “heated issue” over Dolph Ziggler using the Superkick several years ago, as some people felt that the move should be protected because it was previously used by Shawn Michaels.

The WCW legend also praised Ziggler by saying “he makes everybody better than what they were”, but he believes the 39-year-old may have voiced his opinions in front of the wrong people.

“He doesn’t mind saying what he thinks, and even though he’s right most of the time, that’s the wrong thing to do once you walk up in Gorilla [WWE's backstage area]. The reality is, the company wants blind devotion.”

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