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Vince McMahon's ridiculous new secret rule for matches finally explained in detail 

The producers and wrestlers have to be very careful about Vince McMahon
The producers and wrestlers have to be very careful about Vince McMahon's rule.
Modified 26 Sep 2020, 08:58 IST

Vince McMahon's secret rule came to the fore again on the most recent RAW episode following the awkward finish to the six-man tag team main event.

T-Bar, who was the illegal man, attacked the legal man Bobby Lashley of the opposing team while he had locked in the Hurt Lock on Slapjack. The referee called for the bell and ended the match in a DQ win for The Hurt Business.

Dave Meltzer revealed a detailed explanation of the odd rule in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's latest edition. The rule was explained to The Wrestling Observer by a member from the 'secret rules department' of the WWE. Buckle up folks, as this might sound a little complicated.

When laying out matches, Vince McMahon is reportedly adamant that an illegal man can't attack a legal man. If that happens, the match ends in an automatic DQ unless it is done behind a referee's back.

However, double team moves can be done for five seconds after the tag is made, as that is an old rule. The Superstars are also allowed to make saves, which don't lead to a DQ.

While putting the matches together, producers and Superstars have to be extra careful while planning brawling dives to the outside or four-way spots in matches as the illegal man is still not allowed to touch the legal man. The referees are told by Vince McMahon to call it as a shoot and end the match in a DQ.

The referees suffer in such a scenario, and while it may be acceptable to mess up in a 'nothing match,' the high-profile matches with higher stakes such as the ones to determine a #1 contender leave no room for errors. Meltzer noted that the wrestlers and the producers have to be very cautious about Vince McMahon's rules.

The Vince McMahon rule states that an illegal man isn't even allowed to dive on a pile of stars unless landing on another illegal competitor. If a legal guy is part of the group, then the match would be stopped for a DQ.


Meltzer also made another interesting observation about Vince McMahon's rule which has been given below:

If you've been paying attention at this point, you realize that in fact T-Bar hit Slapjack and was making a save when Lashley had him in his finisher and by the rules, this is actually not a DQ. But it happened anyway because it slipped through the cracks because everyone in thinking save thinks near fall break-up, which is okay, but thinks hitting the legal guy isn't so it was a way out. So even under the dumb secret rule, they violated their own rule because they didn't think Lashley's finish at that moment was a finish, it was just a full nelson and not a pin.

It was added that referees have also been told that eye pokes and low blows are also to be called as DQs, which is why the wrestlers do a distraction angle and execute the spots behind the referees' backs.

The finish of the RAW main event was originally supposed to be an eye poke and not the save, which also called for a DQ as per Vince McMahon's rules.

What do you feel about Vince McMahon's secret rule? Does it all add up?

Published 26 Sep 2020, 08:58 IST
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