Watch: The Undertaker's response to his daughter possibly joining WWE (Throwback)

The Undertaker headlined Hall of Fame 2022!
The Undertaker headlined Hall of Fame 2022!

The Undertaker might have retired from wrestling, but he left a legacy for future generations. Mark Callaway once revealed whether his daughter is interested in wrestling and whether she would join WWE in the future.

Earlier this year, The Phenom retired from wrestling as he began spending more time with his family. During the Undertaker 1 Deadman show, Callaway responded to a fan who asked if his kids would follow the family business. You can catch his response in the video below:

"Yeah, so, I have that concern. So, my 9-year-old daughter, she's the one. So, if it's gonna happen, it'll most likely be her. She knows the current roster far better than I do. There's times when we watch and so I'm like 'Who's that?' So, she will run down their whole character, their storyline, who they beat, and who they've lost to. She's really amazing. So, I've got to keep my eye on her. But if that's her choice, I'm going to support her... I will support her as long as there is no Paul Orndorff." [10:23 - 11:12]

The Undertaker was recently seen on a popular YouTube channel with his daughter

In 2020, The Phenom had his last match in professional wrestling as he feuded with The O.C.'s AJ Styles. The two superstars met at WrestleMania 36, where they had a Boneyard match won by Taker. After the match, he announced his retirement from the in-ring competition.

Earlier this year, Taker decided to hang the wrestling boots for good as he entered the WWE Hall of Fame. Callaway headlined the event and etched his name into the history books. Since then, Mark Callaway, aka The Undertaker, has been living his life as a retired professional wrestler.


Callaway spends most of his time with his wife and raising his two kids. A few months ago, a popular YouTube channel, Unbreakable, released a video that featured The Undertaker and his daughter Kaya playing hide and seek in the woods.

The Deadman played the role of a seeker when he caught the hosts and his daughter. This was one of the few times the Deadman has appeared on-screen with one of his family members. The 57-year-old superstar was also featured in a 2K commercial with his wife and daughter.

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