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What can casual pro wrestling fans expect from the Bullet Club-inspired “All In” event?

Joseph Khalil
5.10K   //    22 Dec 2017, 11:30 IST

A homage to DX 'invading' WCW Monday Nitro
A homage to DX 'invading' WCW Monday Nitro

For those familiar with the New World Order and D-Generation X, (the) Bullet Club is a hybrid breed of all Gaijins (foreigners) that infiltrated New Japan Pro Wrestling back in 2013. While they have always paid homage to the notorious rebels of the past, the Bullet Club is more commonly known for their athletic prowess inside the squared circle. 

After a recent Twitter wager between Bullet Club member, Cody Rhodes and journalist, Dave Meltzer, it was announced that a self-financed 10,000+ seat show would be taking place from Chicago sometime next year. What then, should casual pro wrestling fans expect?

A ‘main’ event

According to his interview on Sirius XM, Cody has expressed interest in facing the recently retired Daniel Bryan for the main event of “All In.” He has even mocked Daniel with his signature “Yes!” chant and “Yes-lock” submission in Ring of Honor that prompted a reply from the man himself. 

Whether WWE medically clears Bryan or lets his contract expire in 2018 remains to be seen, but there are many absolutely certain that the main event will be one of epic proportions. Speaking of, what is Chris Jericho up to nowadays?


If it’s one thing the Bullet Club does better than anybody else, it’s their ability to recapture the nostalgia that many wrestling fans yearn for nowadays. The pact has constantly stayed ahead of the industry curve by having its pulse on two simple things: pop culture and pro wrestling tradition. 

Take, for instance, the time when the Bullet Club summoned D-X (and Bill Pullman in Independence Day) to ‘invade’ a recent episode of Monday Night Raw. The guys created so much friction that WWE released one of their own employees over a selfie picture and sent a “cease and desist” to the Young Bucks for their use of the “Too Sweet” hand gesture. 

Now, imagine if the Bullet Club were to channel the nWo in a similar fashion, surprising the crowd with a returning Hulk Hogan or launching Rey Mysterio into a production truck, Kevin Nash style. 

Anything is certainly possible considering the Young Bucks have tried luring CM Punk away from UFC and former Bullet Club leader, AJ Styles appeared at an independent show back in September.

The OGs

Although the Bullet Club originated in Japan, most of the group is currently making a name for themselves across the United States. And with the recent legal issues between WWE and the Young Bucks, one has to wonder if there’s any tension with the remaining Club members overseas, specifically Bullet Club originals, Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga. 

Fale recently lashed out at the Young Bucks for switching the infamous “too sweet!” gesture into “one’ and played no role in the recent Raw invasion. While it would be great to have every Bullet Club member in attendance for “All In,” it does seem that several may be forced to do battle with one another, friendly competition or not.

Superkick Party

Almost every major wrestling event has some type of meet & greet experience or VIP access and “All In” won’t be different. The Bullet Club has found many unique ways to engage their fan base including the “Being the Elite” YouTube series featuring behind the scenes footage from various in-store signings and comic book conventions. 

Factor in an exclusive taping that day, perhaps with some live music, hot-off-the-press merchandise, and even a superkick contest, and fans might pay top dollar for what should be the hottest party in town.

Dave Meltzer

There’s no reason why Dave Meltzer shouldn’t be there in person, conceivable as a special guest host or on the receiving end of the Meltzer Driver (the Young Bucks’ tribute manoeuvre to him). He definitely must announce the 10,000+ people in attendance should the number be attained that night.

 Interestingly enough, it was Meltzer who reported the all-time pro wrestling attendance record back in 1995, which has been commonly overlooked throughout wrestling history. WCW surprisingly holds the combined two-day record from their “Collision in Korea” event with NJPW that drew approximately 350,000 people

Again, that’s 1995 with New Japan Pro in North Korea of all places! Stranger things can happen.

A major sponsor or collaboration

The Bullet Club may have ties to New Japan, Ring of Honor, and Hot Topic, but imagine teaming with a wildcard like Dallas Mavericks Owner, Mark Cuban. Cuban also owns AXS TV which is set to expand NJPW programming in the very near future. 

“All In” can also partner with a charitable organization where a portion of the proceeds can be donated to something dear to the ‘good brothers’ such as the W.W.F. (World Wildlife Fund). Under the right kind of collaboration, “All In” has the potential to be not just a monetary success, but a full-fledged promotion and worldwide tour. Just think of all the casual fans that would jump on the ‘bone soldier’ bang-wagon… for life!

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