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What happened after WWE RAW went off air?

4.33K   //    09 Feb 2016, 15:27 IST
The promo that will be remembered forever!

The final moments of RAW were just heartbreaking for the WWE Universe as Daniel Bryan cut the most heartwrenching promo of his career. The fans and Bryan alike were left in tears as WWE celebrated the career of the Yes movement leader.

The festivities didn’t end once the cameras stopped rolling, as there was a post-RAW retirement celebration in honor of Bryan. Every WWE star on the roster, including Vince McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie MvMahon stood on the ramp and made their appreciation known for the former WWE Champion.

Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan shared a cordial hug as the fans in Seattle faithfully continued the Yes chants in unison – a goosebump-inducing moment that would be remembered for the time to come.

Here is the video of the events that followed RAW:

That wasn’t all the footage that WWE put out, though, as they even released a video before Bryan cut his retirement promo. In the video, Bryan is being comforted by his family before he makes his way out to address the fans in Seattle

John Laurinaitis is also seen backstage during the interaction right before his retirement announcement in the final segment of RAW. Below is the video:

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