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What happened to Paige's spine?

Johny Payne
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Paige is primed for an in-ring return
Paige is primed for an in-ring return

Ms. Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige has long been one of the most distinguished talents in the sport.

Best known for her time with the WWE, Paige has been dealing with a few injuries, which in turn resulted in a lengthy hiatus for Britain’s famous daughter from the sport, commencing last year.

Regardless, when one talks about the charismatic Englishwoman, seldom do they laud her pertinacious and stouthearted resilience in the face of a potentially life-threatening physical disorder. For those unaware, Paige suffers from ‘scoliosis’—something which has affected her back—an impediment that the former WWE Divas Champion has dealt with like the undismayed warrior that she is.

Paige is one of the most popular WWE Superstars
Paige is one of the most popular WWE Superstars

The term scoliosis implies a three-dimensional aberration in the spine of the person which is usually an abnormal curvature of more than 10 degrees—a significant alteration of the spinal structure from its axis. One ought to note that the curve/deviation can be either to the left/right or front/back; with the key factor defining it being the presence of an unusual divergence in the spine of the person.

On that note, the presence of scoliosis in Paige was in fact detected quite late in her life, as a trainer in the WWE brought this to the attention of the medical staff and the woman herself. Apparently, the WWE employee opined that the Anti-Diva’s back seemed “wrong”. It was only upon further investigation into the matter—which included multiple tests conducted to determine whether or not there’s an issue—that the doctors came to a conclusion Paige indeed has scoliosis.

Nevertheless, the WWE and Paige worked together to treat her condition; enabling her to compete for the promotion, where she would go on to achieve tremendous success over the years. However, as news of her scoliosis broke, a wave of worriment grasped fans of the motor-mouth performer.

Is she alright? Yes, but her condition requires proper monitoring…

Scoliosis can be dangerous if not monitored adequately
Scoliosis can be dangerous if not monitored adequately

One ought to note that scoliosis usually develops in females more than males, and in fact, this disorder affects 2-3% of the United States—about 7 million people; with the cost of treatment and recovery ranging anywhere from $5,000-$100,000. For readers interested in learning more about the medical specifications about the condition, please click HERE. Below is a brief summary of scoliosis and how it affects the fan-favourite "Diva of Tomorrow"—   

The average age at which a normal human is most vulnerable to scoliosis is the 10-20 age bracket, particularly among adolescents. Furthermore, the onset of this disorder is also seen in older people, owing to age, wear-and-tear and issues that one develop in the latter years of an average human’s life.

Additionally, the disorder is attributed to both genetic and environmental factors—with moderate exercise being recommended to people despite the onset of scoliosis. Speaking of which, the method of treatment includes the following primary weapons i.e.

1.  Diagnosis (X-Ray tests)

2.  Treatment (determining severity of scoliosis, painkiller medication if pain exists, ‘bracing’ and rehabilitation exercise)

3.  Monitoring (*bracing usually solves the disorder, however, severe cases require surgery*)

Paige doesn't let her physical disorder impede her progress
Paige doesn't let the physical disorder impede her progress

Effects of scoliosis on a pro-wrestler's career and life

The condition, if detected in the early stages of its onset, can be corrected to near-perfection by bracing, physical and dietary rehab as well as annual or more desirably quarterly monitoring. Besides, when it comes to taking bumps in the ring, a severe case of this disorder would absolutely disallow the person from any sort of strenuous physical activity whatsoever.

However, once the deformity is brought down to a suitable degree via bracing or surgery, the person can, in fact, resume sporting competition. Moreover, the treatment for scoliosis is usually reserved for the person when he/she is anywhere between 10-20 years of age—case in point being that when one experiences a growth spurt, one’s spine plays a huge role in it, which in turn could possibly increase the angle of deviation from normalcy on the spinal axis. Hence, the 10-20 age category is a high-risk time for people with the disorder.

Speaking of which, a full-grown adult man/woman can also be treated for the disorder with bracing/surgery. Usually the person does not experience pain, however, a serious case of scoliosis—if gone undetected—can interfere with the cardio-pulmonary processes ergo the breathing and normalcy in heart functions for the person in question…which can be fatal.

When one takes a look at the aforementioned compilation, it dawns with a rather spine-tingling (no pun intended) sensation, as to how brave Paige is to continue her foray in the world of professional wrestling despite having learned of her medical condition. Now, before fans of the Anti-Diva get dispirited, do note that Paige has been accorded the best medical assistance which money can buy.

Look no further, simply hop on to her Instagram account or plethora of videos on the internet; most of which show her in the weight room…Clangin n’ Bangin in the gym!

Paige is a self-confessed gym rat
Paige is a self-confessed gym rat

One of the best anti-scoliosis/scoliosis-combating habits Paige seems to have adopted over the years is her focus on the ‘3 big lifts’—Bench Press, Squat & Deadlift—in order to achieve optimal fitness levels; improve her spinal health & normalcy. The reader ought to focus on the immaculate form she uses while engaging in either one of the aforementioned vital compound lifts.

The key factor in Paige’s ability to employ her unparalleled wrestling skills with top-notch athleticism is her great habit of maintaining perfect, disciplined form throughout the lifts.

Paige is set to make her in-ring comeback very soon, and she’s sure to receive a hero’s welcome when the music hits and the "Anti-Diva" screams, “This is my house!”.

It can be said without a modicum of doubt that Paige is a real-life hero and unwavering inspiration to athletes, and even normal people for that matter, who suffer from issues of any sort. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind, body and spirit into it!

The WWE Universe beckons this future Hall-of-Famer… 

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