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What if Braun Strowman brings back the Wyatt Family?

Mike Chin
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Strowman and Harper
Braun Strowman may bring in some old running buddies to combat The Shield.

On the Monday Night Raw after SummerSlam, The Shield staged a surprise reunion. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins rallied behind their old ally Roman Reigns to protect him against Braun Strowman’s attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and take Reigns' Universal Championship. It looks as though we’re off and running with a fun storyline of faces battling faces. The Shield are behaving a little like heels for outnumbering Strowman but justified because Strowman himself is an awful lot like a monster heel for his size, not to mention the threat of him cashing in a title shot.

One intriguing possibility is that Strowman might not try to take on The Shield himself, but rather call on some old friends to even the odds: The Wyatt Family.

Strowman wasn’t yet a part of the Wyatts when they feuded with The Shield originally in 2014, but the timing could be perfect for Strowman to summon this specific backup. Erick Rowan is out to injury, leaving just three members active. Without Rowan, Luke Harper doesn’t have a clear outlook, and Bray Wyatt has spent most of the last year looking lost, and especially so since Matt Hardy got hurt.

So what if Braun Strowman brings back the Wyatt family? This article considers what might be in store.

#5 The six man tag era is back

The Shield
Six man tag team matches may abound in WWE's future.

While six-man tag team matches have always been a part of WWE, they’ve more often than not been treated as filler to have feuding talents interact without giving away or over-using one on one matches that are better saved for a later date. This runs contrary to lucha libre where trios matches were often staples, and various promotions that have featured more faction feuds than WWE tends to.

WWE did have a brief period of really celebrating this form of match that not so coincidentally coincided with the Shield’s first run. During that time, they feuded with the likes of Team Hell No and various partners, major star triumvirates, and Evolution. That time also included one of the group’s very best outings with the Wyatt Family (a feud revisited to good, if less memorable results months down the road).

If Braun Strowman were to bring Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper in as a backup, it would invite revisiting not only this specific three on three feuds but having the two factions have other featured six-man tag team matches.

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