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What if Chyna had come back to WWE?

Mike Chin
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If Chyna had ever made it back to WWE, she would have made an immediate impact.

Chyna was a breakout star during WWE’s Attitude Era. As a charter member of D-Generation X, she was vital to get Triple H over during his first real push. Moreover, as a woman who got in the ring with men, she broke new ground and in some regards paved the way for the respect WWE affords its female athletes today.

However, Chyna herself is not a figure of reverence in the WWE Universe. She has a complicated relationship with the company given her issues with substance abuse, struggles with the law, and forays into pornography after her time with the company—each of which is especially problematic given the family-friendly PG Era WWE has transitioned into. On top of that, there’s here romantic history with Triple H. While the timeline remains murky, there’s reason to believe that when he started his relationship with Stephanie McMahon that led to wrestling’s ultimate power couple, he was cheating on the Ninth Wonder of the World.

Chyna is no longer with us, having passed away a little over two years ago. But what if she had mended fences with WWE before she passed on, and even returned as an in-ring performer? We’ll never know for sure what might have been, but this article speculates what might have been if she’d returned.

5. The Leader of the Divas of Doom

Beth Phoenix
The Divas of Doom may have launched sooner and had a different look with Chyna around.

In 2012, WWE launched the Divas of Doom mini-faction featuring Beth Phoenix and Natalya as a pair of powerful women who didn’t fit the model mould and proceeded to bully their skinnier counterparts in the women’s ranks. This is an ethos that Chyna would have fit into readily, as her power and look never matched the traditional WWE mould, but was what fostered her becoming a star.

For Chyna to have figured into this angle, it would have either meant her doing so in her early forties or the timeline moving up, with WWE launching the group around her sooner than they actually kicked it off. It requires a number of changes in the WWE timeline, but Chyna could have been a key player in lending these younger talents her credibility and going on a tear through the face roster of women like Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, AJ Lee, and Kaitlyn.

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