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What if Erick Rowan hadn’t gotten injured?

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Erick Rowan
Erick Rowan's bicep injury shifted more than just his career trajectory.

News broke shortly after SummerSlam that Erick Rowan had suffered a torn bicep. The injury was a big let down for Rowan and as fans, as his Bludgeon Brothers tag team with Luke Harper had really hit its stride and seemed lined up for a long run atop the SmackDown tag team division. Instead, Rowan worked one last match hurt to put over The New Day as new champions.

What does the future hold for Rowan, and what does it hold for Harper? We will find out in the weeks and months ahead, but the one thing certain is that plans have changed from the powers that be at WWE had originally drawn up. This article takes a look what might have been in store had Rowan not gotten hurt, and if WWE had been able to stick with its original intentions for the Bludgeon Brothers and other affected talents.

#5 The door closed on a Wyatt Family reunion

Wyatt Family
With the Bludgeon Brothers derailed, the Wyatt Family may come back together.

Since the Shield reunion, one of the rumored follow-ups is that Braun Strowman could call on his old Wyatt Family running buddies for backup. While Bray Wyatt doesn’t exactly have anything better to do, he’d be joining Strowman solo if the Bludgeon Brothers were still active.

Given their dominant run, which included absolutely crushing New Day and the Usos at WrestleMania, the Harper and Rowan looked like they were en route to exceed their Wyatt roots and make a bigger name for themselves on their own.

Now that Harper is adrift without his partner, though, it does leave the door open for WWE to slide him over to the Raw roster for one more go-round with Wyatt as his leader and Strowman dwarfing him as the giant of the group. Three Wyatts is enough to justify a stable relaunching, and if it comes to pass, at least the matches against the Shield are bound to be quite good.

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