What if Goldberg wins the WWE Championship in Saudi Arabia?

Da Man, The Myth, The WWE Champion?
Da Man, The Myth, The WWE Champion?

It's been reported that Golberg is set to return at the Saudi Arabian event, with WWE officially confirming it themselves. We're not sure who he is facing and what exactly WWE,s plans are for him. There was a rumour going around that WWE has brought him back him back to win the WWE Championship but that has proven to be false.

But in terms of fantasy booking, it's a fascinating idea. What if Golderg returned to capture the WWE Championship? It's a ludicrous plan but not beyond the realm of Vince McMahon who has bucked the WWE Universe in the past and gone full steam ahead with his plans.

Now, recently, the TV ratings were just released this past week with SmackDown Live having the worst TV ratings in the last 3 years. Considering all the hype that Kofi Kingston had when he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35, it's quite unfortunate. Should be blamed for the low ratings? No, because they have been bad for a while.

With Daniel Bryan not around and people are unclear as to when he will return, Vince McMahon will need something to get people talking. Putting the title on Goldberg is not that bad an idea in terms of shock value. Sure, the WWE fans may baulk but Vince McMahon has shown that's he willing to go against the grain to get what he wants.

The days are long gone when you had a Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock who could come in and bring in big money. The business model has changed where the product reigns supreme and not the WWE Superstar. Like a chess board, they are 'pawns' of the chess master.

So, what would happen if Goldberg won the WWE Championship? Well, the most likely 'dream feud' he would enter into would be a feud with the Big Dog himself, Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns vs Da Man
Roman Reigns vs Da Man

In a way, this is a dream match in the making. Both men are essentially 'power players' in the ring. Essentially, they are all about power moves whether it's a suplex, high-impact slams and even Spears. It's all about Impact Wrestling (no pun intended).

While the feud may still happen without the WWE Championship, it is something that Vince McMahon may not be able to resist. While the scenario may or may not happen, it will definetly keep the fans guessing, till Goldberg returns.

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