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What if Sasha Banks returns at WWE SummerSlam 2019?

Mike Chin
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Published Aug 09, 2019
Aug 09, 2019 IST

Sasha Banks has been missing since WrestleMania. What if she surfaces at SummerSlam?
Sasha Banks has been missing since WrestleMania. What if she surfaces at SummerSlam?

Sasha Banks has been conspicuously absent from the WWE landscape since WrestleMania. Reports suggested that she was unhappy with losing the Women’s Tag Team Championship at the biggest show of the year—expecting a longer run with the titles for her and Bayley—and attempted to quit the company, only for management to suggest she take time off instead.

Where is Banks headed? Given how long she has already been absent, it’s not unthinkable that she would sit out the remainder of her WWE contract. However, Banks is also well established as a life long wrestling fan, and it’s hard to imagine her willingly giving up a year-plus of her career, in her physical prime, even if she does have serious issues with her employer.

So what if Banks returns at SummerSlam 2019?

It’s far from a foregone conclusion that Sasha Banks will be in Toronto, but there are a number of intriguing possibilities if she does show up.

#5 Lending Bayley a hand

Sasha Banks may well return to have Bayley
Sasha Banks may well return to have Bayley's back.

One of the more obvious way for Sasha Banks to make her return would be to offer her help to Bayley. That seems like a less organic way for her to mark her return than it might have earlier in the summer, for example, when Bayley was outnumbered by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, with both coming after her SmackDown Women’s championship.

WWE could have something more involved in mind for Banks and Bayley, though, than simply revisiting their on air tag team and riffing off of their well documented real life friendship.

Bayley’s SummerSlam challenger is fellow face, Ember Moon. While Moon is not nearly as well established on the main roster as Bayley or Banks, she does have talent and a well received NXT run behind her. WWE could use this moment as not just a face versus face match, but one complicated by Banks becoming involved, perhaps at the behest of her old running buddy.

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