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What next for Big E Langston in the WWE?

7.66K   //    20 Dec 2012, 11:22 IST

Big E Langston is a name most WWE fans are aware today after he beat up Cena for two consecutive nights. Frankly, there isn’t a better way than that to start of your WWE career. Rubbing shoulders with the best in the business right from your start is something many wrestlers aren’t lucky enough to find and Langston has found just the right launching pad for his career in the WWE.

Big E Langston, if you are not aware, is a 26 year old National Powerlifting Champion and a former NFL player. He is also the current NXT Champion, which gives him some credibility to boast of. His introduction in the WWE as AJ’s personal Cena basher indicates Langston being the next big superstar in WWE.

But the question that remains now is what next for Langston? It is obvious that Langston will not continue this feud with Cena for long, as plans for Wrestlemania will start taking effect from next month. This means the WWE has to start considering options that might suit Langston. As a wrestler who depends hugely on his strength, Langston still has a long way to go to establish himself as a powerhouse in today’s roster. With the likes of Brodus Clay and Tensai waiting their turn to prove the same, Langston has to pitch something extremely different to turn Vince to his side. In addition to this, we have Ryback gaining momentum and with the return of Mark Henry, the roster at the moment looks completely jam packed leaving very little for Langston.

With that said, all we can expect from Langston after his momentary feud with Cena is some squash matches till the right moment, just as we experienced with Ryback. Even if Langston ends up winning against Cena, there isn’t much to cheer about as the momentum he gains will dwindle down without a meaningful feud for him in the future.

So the bottom line is that there is already too much happening in the WWE with regard to the big guys and Langston appears to have arrived to the scene at the wrong time. There are enough big guys in the WWE already without proper storylines and his entry will surely not bring anything new.

Langston does look like a very good future prospect for the WWE and let us hope that he does get something meaningful to deal with in the days to come and don’t be surprised if you get to hear BOBBY LASHLEY chants the next time BIG E is around.

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