What's the meaning of Doudrop, the name of Eva Marie's partner?

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Eva Marie revealed the name of her partner on tonight's episode of RAW, leaving many fans baffled.

Eva Marie asked her partner to reveal her name on RAW but cut her off as she was about to speak. Marie then stated that her name is Doudrop. Marie's partner didn't look thrilled at all with the reveal.

What's the meaning of Doudrop, the name Eva Marie gave her partner?

The Urban Dictionary defined Doudrop as "a woman who is romantically attracted to other women", but someone went out of their way to change the definition to β€œthe rebrand of Piper Niven.”

Rumors have been flying around for a long time in regards to a possible Eva Marie WWE return. The vignette finally aired on the May 4, 2021 edition of RAW confirming her return. Here's what Marie said in the promo that she cut in the vignette:

"Do I have your attention now? Good," Eva Maria said. "You know, on the road of life there are twists and turns, but I have always tried to be the one in control of my own life and the independence that comes with it. But part of that is getting back. Now I have your attention. I wanna be someone others look up to. I wanna influence others to go after their own ambitions. Like I did, so I'm back where my journey started. This is 'Eva-lution'."

Twitter erupted with reactions to Eva Marie's return, with most fans not being happy with the same. Marie finally returned on the June 14, 2021 episode of RAW and was expected to face Naomi in singles competition. Piper Niven from NXT UK came out to a big surprise and wrestled Naomi on Marie's behalf.

When Niven defeated Naomi, Marie declared herself the winner of the match, thus establishing herself as a villain. It should be noted that no mention of Niven's name was made.

Tonight on RAW, Eva Marie named her partner 'Doudrop', much to her disappointment. The duo later took on Asuka and Naomi in a tag team match which saw Doudrop walking out on Marie. This led to Asuka and Naomi picking up a win over the two.

Do you think the storyline featuring Eva Marie and Doudrop has potential? Share your thoughts on Niven being named 'Doudrop' by Marie.

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