What did The Undertaker say about Bray Wyatt to Vince McMahon after their epic encounter?

The Undertaker had some kind words for Bray Wyatt
The Undertaker had some kind words for Bray Wyatt

The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt's segment during WWE RAW’s 30th Anniversary event raised many eyebrows. After dealing with LA Knight, the Hall of Famer whispered something to Wyatt, words which have been lost in translation ever since.

Fans believe the 57-year old has officially passed his legacy on to Bray Wyatt. Both megastars are no strangers to each other, having met in a phenomenal bout at WrestleMania 31. The legend's WrestleMania streak had already been broken by the time this match rolled out.

To compensate for the shocking defeat to Brock Lesnar the year before, The Phenom went all out to get back to his winning ways against The Eater of Worlds. The 15-time minute bout had some notable moments, the best being Wyatt doing his spider pose while ‘Taker looked on unfazed.

Interestingly, the recent RAW episode wasn't the first time Undertaker encouraged Wyatt. After their match at WrestleMania, the legend spoke to Vince McMahon regarding the brimming potential of the superstar.

So, what did The Undertaker say about Bray Wyatt? According to WrestleVotes, the veteran told Vince to “take care of him." He has always been a huge supporter of The Eater of Worlds, which was once again reflected in his actions on RAW XXX.

Feels like a good time to tweet this, following their match at WrestleMania 31 Undertaker told Vince in the post match embrace to “take care of him” in reference to Bray. Regardless of what happen in the interim, Taker has always been a huge Wyatt supporter. It showed just now.

Vince apparently wasn’t true to his promise. One of the major reasons behind Wyatt’s WWE departure in 2020 was his creative direction under McMahon. Backstage reports also indicated that both parties had a major fallout.

What did The Undertaker say to Bray Wyatt on WWE RAW XXX?

Twitter is still buzzing with multiple theories regarding the Wyatt-Taker segment on WWE RAW. Some fans even consider the moment to be unscripted. This could be the case considering the amount of respect shared between the superstars.

What The Undertaker said to Bray Wyatt is a question that may never be answered. However, two solid conclusions arise via lip-reading. The Deadman either said “If you do this right… it’ll last forever” or “You are the next Undertaker… darkness is forever.”

A dream match for many fans is The Undertaker vs. The Fiend. The battle of two supernatural beings is worthy of The Grandest Stage of Them All, but the ball is in ‘Taker’s court. Is he ready for a one-off? Time will tell.

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