What did The Undertaker say to Bray Wyatt on WWE Raw's 30th Anniversary? Here's what we know

The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt were rivals in the past
The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt were rivals in the past

Fans have been left with a mystery as to what The Undertaker said to Bray Wyatt during WWE RAW’s 30th Anniversary. Twitter is flooded with speculation, but one answer stands out from the rest.

The recent RAW is XXX episode featured The Undertaker returning with his American Badass gimmick to interrupt a promo segment by LA Knight. Bray Wyatt followed his rival to the ring until the babyfaces allied, and Knight ended up lying flat on the mat after getting hit by a Sister Abigail.

The audience at the Wells Fargo Center went berserk after The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt stood toe-to-toe. The two superstars have a history dating back to when the Wyatt Family was still intact; they even fought at the Grandest Stage of them All in 2015.

After a brief staredown 'Taker exited the arena on his motorcycle, but not without whispering a few words to The Eater of Worlds. Before the episode aired, reports stated that a passing of the torch moment would occur in the segment involving The Phenom.

It certainly seemed like that, as The Undertaker whispered something in Bray Wyatt's ear. Even the supposed words that were said hint that the torch of darkness has indeed been passed on to Wyatt, as The Phenom didn't appear in his gimmick as The Deadman.

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So what did The Undertaker say to Bray Wyatt? According to a fan theory, the segment between Taker and Wyatt ended with the words: “darkness is forever.” This seems particularly plausible after lip-reading the Hall of Famer.

In the beginning, The Phenom might have implied that Wyatt was the “next Undertaker.” WWE hasn’t disclosed the answer yet, although it seems like Bray is on the verge of becoming the next major supernatural entity.

The Undertaker calls the segment with Bray Wyatt an industry-defining moment

After thrilling proceedings between the two icons of WWE, The Phenom took to social media to give his honest opinion on the segment with The Eater of Worlds. It was a special moment, as acknowledged by the veteran himself.

Moments define this industry. This one was special!…

Wyatt drew a lot of inspiration from The Undertaker for his WWE character. He even consulted with the legend and understood that gimmicks should be refined with constant changes. The incident is from 2017.

“I think the thing about keeping your character fresh is when you change as an individual you have to flow with it... As you mature as an adult, you find out you have to keep changing in this business. It’s something Undertaker laid on me.” (H/T Fightful)

Having returned at Extreme Rules in October last year, Bray Wyatt is now seemingly one of the top babyfaces on the WWE roster.

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