What if Triple H went to AEW?

The promotional war -- AEW vs. WWE -- would Triple H be the one to get it going?
The promotional war -- AEW vs. WWE -- would Triple H be the one to get it going?

There is an adage in the wrestling business and general life that states, "never say never." Triple H going to AEW defies that saying.

There is no way that The Game would leave WWE -- but what if ... (keep in mind this is a hypothetical story, please)!

With his health better than ever after a brief period of decline, Triple H gets that itch to perform again. He yearns to get back in the ring. He needs to prove to himself he is still "The Game."

A comeback would yield huge viewership across all WWE platforms. It seems like a natural idea. Most likely, that would hold true for him, but it would not seem so natural as far as two key WWE executives are concerned.

Number one is the CEO of WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who also happens to be the father-in-law of Triple H. Most likely, VKM would tell him in a very non-clam tone,

"You're a madman! I don't care how great you feel. You're the father of my grandchildren damn it! I won't let it happen and that's the end of this discussion. I don't care how you are feeling. You scared us all a few months ago with your health issues. No RAW, SmackDown, or NXT for you. The answer is no! Now get out of my office!" (Insert a loud door slam here).

The other person, of course, is Chief Brand Officer, Triple H's wife, Stephanie McMahon. She would most likely stand steadfastly with her father.

Money is no object to Triple H. He has done exceptionally well as WWE's Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development. Leaving the company and breaking his ties in a strictly business aspect with them would most likely not rattle his financial life. He would get the news out there somehow. It's easy to get news leaked to the wheeling business when you want to make sure it gets to the right people.

Tony Khan is a very successful businessman. He, of course, would quickly get wind of what has taken place through his many sources and quickly jump on it. Triple H is also a businessman. His mantra of "it's best for business" when that comes in handy would be ideal under these circumstances.

We are now moving to the next logical step. A secret meeting is set up with Khan. Neither has told anyone. It's in the highest of confidence. Triple H listens to the pitch. The money is amazing. The angle is equally tempting.

Khan wants to do the modern version of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash showing up in WCW and shocking the world. It changed the wrestling business as we knew it back then. Khan says Triple H would be the man to unify all the former WWE wrestlers now in AEW.

He could also recruit new members as their contracts expire in WWE. It would be the closest we would ever get to a WWE vs. AEW all out war. Triple H loves this idea and tells Khan he's in. He once again repeats, "it's best for business!"

This will make everyone money -- except his former employer -- his father-in-law Vince McMahon! His household will now have income from WWE (Stephanie) and AEW (himself)!

Soon he quits his WWE job. Vince, of course, is furious. Stephanie is more understanding yet angry. In a few weeks, the landscape of pro wrestling will change again. With Triple H now the focal point of team WWE in AEW -- and a current active wrestler -- what are the matches YOU want to see?

Have fun with this scenario and give us some creative ideas just in case a "What if..." becomes a "It is!"

(Apter's note)-- No way but the "What if ... " is always fun to ponder!"