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WWE Rumours: What WWE is planning for Cesaro after the Best of Seven series

Will the Swiss Superman get what he deserves?

Cesaro last won a singles championship in 2012

The ongoing best of 7 series between Cesaro and Sheamus is reaching its climax with the 6th match announced for the next week's episode of Monday Night Raw. 

The upcoming match is expected to be won by Cesaro which will even the score between both competitors and will help in setting up a final showdown between the two at the upcoming Clash of Champions PPV.

Although, while fans expect to see a physical showdown between the two rivals, what has really become a talking point among many is how WWE is going to treat Cesaro after the series wraps up.

According to Dailywrestlingnews.com, as of the past week, the plans within WWE called for Cesaro to win the series and get rewarded a Universal Title shot as the price for establishing 'physical dominance'.

Interestingly, the site also noted that now many within the company believe that the series would ultimately lead to The Swiss Superman being traded to the Blue Brand SmackDown.

This makes the things very interesting as Cesaro himself expressed the urge to be a part of SmackDown roster in a post-draft interview calling it a 'wrestling show' and stating himself as a wrestler.

However, a win for Cesaro would mean that he would proceed to receive a championship opportunity as announced by the general manager Mick Foley.

Since WWE has spent so much time to develop his feud with Sheamus and its climax is expected to happen at a PPV, it would only make sense to set up the championship match for the winner at the next PPV following Clash of Champions.

But an upcoming PPV match would mean that The Former US Champion would have to stay in the Red-branded show in order to develop a feud with the champion he would be fighting against and it would ultimately mean that that the former ROH star would be sticking around Raw for at least a while, unlike the rumored trade.

On the other hand, a loss would mean that WWE would angry the already frustrated Cesaro who is not happy with recent developments of his character and is already rumored to leave the company once his contract expires.

Since WWE has only split their rosters several weeks ago and they are dealing with injuries of some of their prominent stars such as Finn Balor and Randy Orton, the officials would not like to lose a star as over with the crowd as Cesaro is.

So it would be very interesting to see what the officials has in the fold for the former Tag team Champion in the upcoming weeks as his best of seven series packs up.

Would you like to see Cesaro winning the Best of 7 series and proceeding to receive a Universal title match or would you like the Swiss superman to be traded with SmackDown to showcase his wrestling skills on the blue brand? let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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