When was the last time CM Punk appeared on WWE SmackDown? Reflecting on previous feud

CM Punk is set to make his first WWE SmackDown appearance in 10 years next week.
CM Punk is set to make his first WWE SmackDown appearance in 10 years next week.

CM Punk is scheduled to appear on WWE SmackDown next Friday. The blockbuster announcement was made during the December 1, 2023, episode of the blue brand. Next week will mark The Straight Edge Superstar’s first appearance on the show in nearly 10 years.

CM Punk’s last televised WWE SmackDown appearance transpired on the January 24, 2014, edition of the blue brand. The Voice of the Voiceless was involved in a promo segment with Kane. He also showed up during the post-main event brawl between the 2014 Royal Rumble participants.

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Punk was involved in a storyline with The Shield prior to his final SmackDown appearance. The Voice of the Voiceless was abandoned by his partners in The New Age Outlaws during their six-man tag team match on RAW.

The angle led to a match between Gunn and Punk on the very next episode of the red show. Punk prevailed over his former tag team partner. He also worked a dark three-on-one handicap match against The Shield at a SmackDown taping before the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Why was CM Punk not on WWE SmackDown this week?

On WWE RAW this past Monday, CM Punk made his first televised appearance in 10 years. The former multi-time World Champion closed out the show with a promo. The promo featured callbacks to his iconic Pipe Bomb.

According to reports, Punk is scheduled for limited SmackDown appearances as RAW will take the most chunk of his televised appearances. The Straight Edge Superstar didn’t work the SmackDown show this week because WWE wanted to save his return for the Tribute to the Troops special for next week.

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