Where are these WWE Superstars now? - Edition 8

The WWE ring has been home to a variety of superstars over the years.
Jeremy Timmerman

The WWE has been home to a variety of superstars with a variety of characters. Some guys, like Kevin Owens, come with a natural attitude and ability to play an entertaining role that makes a true gimmick unnecessary. Or they find a gimmick fairly early on like Enzo Amore and Big Cass that really connects with the fans.

For others, they change gimmicks or find new characters that work better, or they disappear. For this eighth installment in a series that seeks to track down past WWE superstars, here are three guys known for some interesting gimmicks, both good and bad.

Barry Darsow

Barry Darsow had the Repo Man as one of a variety of gimmicks during his wrestling career.

Barry Darsow came through the WWF during a time when characters were king, and his list of gimmicks is a testament to that. Among that list are the Repo Man, “Mr. Hole in One,” and of course Smash, one-half of the Demolition tag team.

Across those gimmicks, Darsow picked up a variety of tag team championships and even a couple singles titles while also bringing fans some memorable performances. These days, he owns a printing company that specializes in hard hats and medical equipment while also working in real estate.

Bart Gunn

Bart and Billy Gunn were once part of the Smoking Gunns tag team.

Mike Polchlopek was best known as Bart Gunn during his time in the WWF before the company’s Attitude Era days. He was a three-time tag team champion alongside Billy Gunn – together known as the cowboy-themed Smoking Gunns – and one the Brawl for All Tournament.

After his time in wrestling ring was over, Gunn briefly entered mixed martial arts, accumulating a 1-1 record. Since then, he has returned to his work as an electrician, a career he held in the early 1990s before breaking into professional wrestling.

Brutus Beefcake

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was quite the sign of his era within the WWF.

When you know the storyline that led to it, Brutus Beefcake’s “Barber” days makes a good deal of sense. Still, seeing a man in his outlandish late 1980s outfits and mullet walking around with garden shears because he intends to cut his opponent’s hair is quite silly in retrospect.

That didn’t stop Beefcake from having a decent wrestling career. He only won one tag team championship in the WWF, but he won various titles in other promotions during his time in the ring. These days, Beefcake – real name Ed Leslie – has a different reputation.

After overcoming cocaine issues himself, Leslie was escorted away from the Toronto City Hall after supposedly coming there to have an intervention with Mayor Rob Ford, who was in the midst of a cocaine scandal.

Leslie, of course, was said to have come bearing a sub sandwich and some shears.

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