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4 Superstars Who Might Have Attacked Aleister Black

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The mystery unfolds
The mystery unfolds

While NXT managed to avoid injury led storylines in NXT to promote the likes of Hideo Itami and Drew McIntyre. NXT hedged an intriguing bet with the latest injured star in Aleister Black, building on an intriguing story who his attacker is.

That a relatively still in NXT, Nikki Cross being used to parlay this storyline is just the icing on the cake. She's been on fire, going around accusing a host of superstars regarding their involvement in the incident. It's a twisted murder mystery style plot that unravelled with consequence for Cross on this week's NXT.

For the first time, the diminutive psychopath had to face the rage of Black. The usually unnerving Cross who rattled the slick Velveteen Dream and stern Ciampa, go eaten up by the voracious fire of Black until she whispered her secrets to him. He thus went on the hunt, propelling the narrative further for weeks to come.

Who is the man who attacked Aleister Black? Is it even a man? Or is Nikki Cross playing her own twisted games?

This concerns NXT because this is NXT. So let's try to figure it out.

Who Didn't Attack Aleister Black?

Nikki Cross knows who did it, or does she?
Nikki Cross knows who did it, or does she?

Before we get to the culprit or culprits, it's important to parse out the players that couldn't in any form have attacked Black. Top of the list is big star individuals far removed from this case. It isn't the just about floating EC3, though he is in desperate need of a programme. It isn't the honourable Ricochet or British bruiser Pete Dunne. Nor is it Keith Lee, Kassius Ohno or even the soon to debut Matt Riddle.

The onus to prove themselves then falls upon few elements that were in orbit of Black around the time of his reign and fall. He just about beat an enraged Lars Sullivan, but Sullivan doesn't seem like the man to seek revenge in this fashion.

The same weirdly applies to Tomasso Ciampa, the champion might have found it easier to tackle just Gargano instead of with Black. Yet, Ciampa is definitely one to boast about an attack on Black if he were responsible for it. This goes double for the anarchic Undisputed ERA, already absolved of the crime and far removed from it.

In any case, one can say Nikki hasn't done it but she definitely either helped or saw it. Or she's just messing with Black for her own insane agenda. Which is, we'll never know until we know who hit Aleister Black? One thing is clear, individually it's none of the above.

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