Who is DIY? Meet WWE's newest alliance

DIY are officially back together on WWE RAW
DIY are officially back together on WWE RAW

WWE has had several exciting tag teams come out of NXT who went on to have some success on the main roster. One of the best examples is the Street Profits, but the likes of American Alpha and The Viking Raiders are other former champions who moved from NXT to become big-time opportunists.

Following the events of Monday Night RAW, another pair of former NXT Tag Team Champions are ready to run the main roster. However, this time, there are two superstars who have already been on RAW for a year or so, namely, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

The two former NXT Champions united in 2015 as part of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. This was prior to either man officially signing full-time contracts with WWE. Over time, they officially formed DIY and took over the black & gold brand's Tag Team division.

Gargano and Ciampa ultimately won the NXT Tag Team Titles. Upon losing the belts, however, they had a violent split, which led to one of the most intense and personal rivalries in the history of the brand.

The pair briefly united off and on, but they have never been truly back until now. DIY on WWE's main roster should be incredibly exciting moving forward. Can they replicate their NXT's success on RAW? For now, only time will tell.

Another former pair of WWE NXT Tag Team Champions are allegedly on their way back

DIY being back on the main roster is certainly exciting, but they are not the only former NXT Tag Team Champions seemingly ready to reunite and set WWE ablaze. If rumors are to be believed, The Authors Of Pain are also on their way back to the promotion.

In fact, rumors have circulated that the pair were already secretly re-signed, although the plans for their re-debut seem to be up in the air. Still, Triple H and World Wrestling Entertainment quietly signing such an imposing team is certainly intriguing, if true.

AOP are made up of Akam and Rezar. They initially joined the company through NXT, where they had Paul Ellering as their manager. As noted, while on NXT, they won Tag Team gold together.

They were later called up to the main roster. While on Monday Night RAW, they won the RAW Tag Team Titles with Drake Maverick as their manager. Prior to their release from WWE, the dominant duo were aligned with Seth Rollins. Hence, for now, fans will need to wait to find out what kind of impact they would make if they were set to return.

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