Who is the 'green shirt guy' in WWE? Analyzing Twitter's obsession

Superfan Smilez, aka the green shirt guy in WWE
Superfan Smilez, aka the green shirt guy in WWE

Over the past few years, the ‘green shirt guy’ has gained legendary status in the eyes of the WWE Universe. Twitter is flooded with speculations about his real identity, but the mystery continues to this day.

'Superfan Smilez' attended almost every WWE show for a whole decade. The camera often catches his reactions as he is a regular occupant of the front row. The terms 'green shirt guy' and 'smiley' are associated with him due to his typical attire in any wrestling show, which includes a neon green t-shirt with a black outlined smiley on it.

There have been claims of Superfan Smilez being a planted/paid fan. Such fans are backed by the promotion to rile up the crowd with chants and boost audience interactions with superstars.

However, it seems like the green shirt guy in WWE is another obsessed wrestling fan. In an interview with American Brothers, he revealed that his mission of being in every WWE show started in 2012. He has been a fan of wrestling since he was just eight or nine years old.

A huge fan of pro wrestling, the green shirt guy has also attended All Elite Wrestling events. He was last spotted in AEW in May 2022, according to his Twitter account. Since then, he is back to being a highlight of WWE, with his last appearance being at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event.

Twitter is full of speculation about the name and recent discoveries of 'Superfan Smilez' in WWE.

Check out some of the tweets below:

Twitter fans spotted Superfan Smilez on the live screens during the Thunderdome Era. Meanwhile, other users traced his roots to the Attitude Era.

Interestingly, the green shirt guy was allowed inside the WWE Headquarters during the Covid-19 pandemic at a time when the company had strict fan policies.

The green shirt guy: Who are the other famous WWE fans that have gained recognition?

At times, a particular fan reaction or interaction becomes a trending topic on social media.

Superstars also acknowledge them often, which adds to their hype. The fans in question gain huge recognition in the wrestling world. The 'angry Miz girl' is one such famous fan. Her reaction to The Miz winning the WWE Title in 2010 is now a legendary meme.

You can find out more about the girl named Caley here.

Similar to the green shirt guy, there is a Brock Lesnar guy in WWE. Michael Corcoran is perhaps better known for his epic Lesnar pose when The Beast Incarnate made a triumphant return in 2012.

Another fan who stole the spotlight with his reaction was Ellis Mbeh. With his eyes bulging due to sheer shock, fans may never forget his accurate response after The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak was broken by Brock Lesnar.

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