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Who will induct the members of this year's Hall of Fame?

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At this point, most of the names for the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2013 have been announced, and it’s shaping up to be possibly the most stacked class we have ever seen. Thus far, Trish Stratus, Mick Foley, Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund and Donald Trump are the members of the upcoming class, with one or two more names expected to be added. Now, the question remains, who will induct each of these people? Here are some of the rumored names for the inductors for this year’s class:

Trish Stratus: Lita or Dave “Fit” Finlay: Either choice works here. Lita and Trish had a very long feud during their respective careers, and are very close friends outside of the ring with a tremendous amount of respect for each other. Finlay was integral to Trish’s career, as he helped train her in the ring, as well as put together her matches for her, as well as most of the divas matches for several years during his first run as an agent with the company.

Mick Foley: Terry Funk, Jim Ross or both: Again, you can’t go wrong here, and Foley has stated on more than one occasion that, if he gets to pick his inductor, it will be one of these two, no question. Funk and Ross are Foley’s two closest friends in wrestling, with Funk helping Foley get his name out there early in his career, and Ross not only being integral in getting Foley signed by WWF back in 1995, but also being one of his biggest supporters throughout his entire career. Personally, I think both inducting him together would make for an awesome moment.

Bruno Sammartino: Arnold Schwarzenegger: I’m honestly not sure about this one. My guess is that they know each other other through both wrestling and fitness, and perhaps are good friends in real life. It’s perfectly fine by me; I’m just not sure of the connection there.

Bob Backlund: Sgt. Slaughter or Maria Menounos: Slaughter makes sense, as not only did both men play very patriotic roles throughout their careers, but have known each other for an extremely long time, are friends and were rivals during their careers. Menounos seems like a very strange choice, but she and Backlund are apparently good friends in real life and have worked on projects in the past.

Donald Trump: Ivanka Trump: Ivanka Trump is the daughter of “The Donald”, so this one makes perfect sense. Honestly, I can’t see anyone involved in wrestling inducting him, save for Vince McMahon himself, so going with a family member is the next logical choice.

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