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Why Buddy Murphy is a great addition to Seth Rollins' heel stable

Published Jan 14, 2020
Jan 14, 2020 IST

The Best Kept Secret - Buddy Murphy
The Best Kept Secret - Buddy Murphy

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In a surprising turn of events, Buddy Murphy joined Seth Rollins’ new stable during the main event of WWE Monday Night RAW. This was after Murphy remained at ringside after his loss to Aleister Black a couple of segments prior. Not only was this a shocking turn of events, but Murphy is a great addition to the stable. 

Even though Buddy Murphy had great matches with Black over the past couple of months, he took the loss in all three of those matches, which led many fans to worry that he would get lost in the shuffle once again.

The Best Kept Secret was not only elevated despite losing, but he is now in the main event storyline with names such as Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and Big Show. This also gives Seth Rollins’ new stable a member for each division on RAW, as Rollins in the main eventer, AOP are the tag team, and now Buddy Murphy can go for the US Title (mid-card division).  

Aleister Black also benefits

This can also elevate Aleister Black as well, since now Owens, Joe, and Big Show will need someone else to even up the numbers. Who better to add than Black, who has had Buddy Murphy’s number on three occasions? If WWE books this correctly, they have not only created one new main event Superstar but two. 

Murphy’s addition is also great because it gives more legitimacy to Seth Rollins and his new faction, portraying Rollins as a 'messiah' who's welcoming new members to his table with open arms and a warm embrace. One can perhaps make the argument that The Architect is already a better cult leader than Bray Wyatt during the Wyatt Family days.

While too many members isn't a good thing, it would be nice to see Seth Rollins try to recruit a female member who could be defined as 'needing guidance'. So, not only is Buddy Murphy becoming a member of Rollins’ new stable good for him, but it possibly benefits Aleister Black as well.  

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