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Why The Undertaker can join the Authority

19.71K   //    05 Jan 2015, 03:35 IST
The Undertaker
The Undertaker

What if The Undertaker joined The Authority? OK, now that you've been shocked and angered by the mere mention of that question, let me explain why this could be a very likely scenario on The Road To WrestleMania 31.

Anything can happen

Like in The NFL, anything can happen in the world of sports entertainment. Things we never thought could happen in our lifetime, have taken place right in front of our very eyes! We've seen CM Punk walk out on The WWE, we've seen Seth Rollins destroy The Shield and we've even seen Brock Lesnar defeat Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania 30!

If the fact that Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania 30 isn't proof enough that anything can happen in The WWE, how about the fact that Undertaker has joined The Authority before back in the ‘90s.

Sure back then they weren't called The Authority, but The Undertaker did merge forces with Vince and Shane McMahon in 1999 to form The Corporate Ministry. This of course happened after months and months of Undertaker and The Ministry of Darkness feuding with Shane McMahon's Corporation.

The only thing more shocking then the fact that Undertaker would align himself with the likes of Shane McMahon and The Corporation, was the fact that Vince McMahon was later revealed to be The Higher power that Undertaker and his ministry was always worshipping and taking orders from.

How it would Happen

With this brief history lesson in mind, lets look at what's going on now.

WrestleMania season is right around the corner and The WWE Universe is going insane over the possibility of The Undertaker and The Vigilante Sting meeting at The Show of Shows this year.

This dream match isn't the only idea The WWE has in mind for Sting at WrestleMania 31. Many sites are reporting that the company is also considering feuds with Triple H, Seth Rollins, and even a match with Brock Lesnar for The companies flagship pay per view in April.

While the Triple H versus Sting feud is a more likely possibility at this time, The Undertaker versus Sting dream match is still a huge possibility for The WWE. Its all a matter of how The Undertaker is introduced into the storyline with Triple H and Sting on The Road to WrestleMania 31.


The first scenario would have Sting close to a victory at Royal Rumble or Fast lane, until Undertaker interferes on Triple H's behalf, officially aligning him with The Authority and making him a heel. Undertaker and Sting would then feud at WrestleMania 31, with the stipulation of if Sting wins, The Authority can never come back, and Undertaker must retire.

The second scenario would have Triple H and Sting continue their feud until WrestleMania 31, where Triple H will choose to drop out of the match and have The Undertaker take his place. The stipulation for this match would be that if Undertaker loses, Triple H must retire from wrestling.

The third scenario has Triple H and Sting battling at WrestleMania 31, with the added stipulation of if Triple H losses he must retire. Triple H ultimately loses in this scenario to sting at WrestleMania 31, setting up a surprise appearance by The Undertaker, who attacks Sting to set up their feud at the next WrestleMania.

The reason for The Undertaker needing to turn heel to face Sting is simple. Sting is being built right now as the vigilante hero of The WWE, effectively making him a baby face. While the idea of two wrestling icons coming together in the ring for the first time in their careers seems enticing i feel the storyline would lack needed substance, if Undertaker didn't take a heel role in some way.

This is also a great way for The WWE to try new and exciting things! The WWE Universe would erupt into madness if they saw The Dead Man join The Authority to take on Sting. This would also open up so many avenues storyline wise for The Authority, Sting and even Undertaker. The possibilities are endless.

The WWE needs change, and it starts with ideas like this. The company needs to make decisions and write storylines that will shock The WWW Universe to their core, and what better way to do that, then have The Dead Man join The Authority in 2015?

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