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5 reasons why Daniel Bryan could win the WWE Royal Rumble 2018 match

Atin Sharma
23.89K   //    10 Jan 2018, 10:41 IST

Can fans again start a movement to get Bryan to the place he belongs (main event of Wrestlemania)?
Can the fans start a movement yet again to get Bryan to the place he belongs (main event of Wrestlemania)?

The internet is running amok with the rumors of Daniel Bryan making an in-ring return and ot doesn't help when Bryan himself has hinted his much-anticipated comeback. His wife, Brie, has even quoted that Bryan has been medically cleared by the doctors but the WWE doctors are yet to give him a clean chit.

Of course, judging by the WWE's way of surprising fans, this could be a work and Bryan might actually lace up his boots for another run in the company as an active competitor. Given his popularity, it would be a big mistake on WWE's part if he isn't booked straight for the main event and what better way than to make him win the Royal Rumble? Not convinced?

Let's have a look at the reasons that might convince you after all.

#5 The shock value!

WWE loves to surprise it's fans!
WWE loves to surprise its fans!

As I said earlier, WWE loves its swerves. Vince McMahon has a very firm belief in the power of a well-executed twist. The whole 'Jinder Mahal experiment' was seemingly based on the shock value as no one ever saw him anywhere near the title prior to his lengthy run.

However, in the case of Daniel Bryan, the fans would definitely be stunned in a positive way. Unlike Jinder Mahal, Bryan is a well-accepted face and his victory would be received with open arms and insanely loud pops.

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