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Why delaying John Cena vs. Undertaker is a mistake

We've waited long enough, it's time - make John Cena vs The Undertaker a reality.

John Cena Undertaker
John Cena vs The Undertaker needs to happen immediately

It's the match we've been talking about for years and it's the match we were all anticipating for WrestleMania 33. John Cena vs. The Undertaker writes itself and the story of two legends colliding is something nobody wants to miss out on.

Unfortunately, if rumours are to be believed, it seems like we've taken a big step backwards when it comes to making this bout a reality.

As Dave Meltzer first reported, plans for Cena vs. Taker are now reportedly off the table and instead we're set to see a host of other matches with this one taking place at WrestleMania 34. Now, before you start throwing things at your laptop, let's take a moment to sit down and calmly go through why this is such a bizarre idea.

First off, let's consider the history between the two men here. If you want to build this up as a match that has been destined to happen for years on end, then just take a look at the first meeting between the two.

Following Cena's SmackDown debut against Kurt Angle back in 2002, ‘Taker came to congratulate the rookie on his performance by shaking his hand. So wouldn't it be fitting if their final showdown took place 15 years later?

It's a nice number to build a story on, and we all know how much WWE loves to overuse these taglines once they've sunk their teeth into them. If you delay it until 2018 then it may not have as much of an impact, which leads us onto the next point regarding the health and fitness of these two competitors.

John Cena The Undertaker
Vince needs to stop playing the waiting game

To put it as simply as we possibly can, nobody knows how much longer John Cena and The Undertaker will be able to physically wrestle a high quality 20-30 minute match.

That's not even remotely a knock on the two either, as they've given their heart and bodies to this business for years now, it's just that fans expect the best and nothing else and this could be the last opportunity for them to witness that.

After all, it's no secret that Undertaker has had his fair share of injuries over the last few years, and Cena surely only has one or two super recoveries left in him. The icons are beaten up, and right now in the present day we know full well they are healthy.

With not long to go until the Royal Rumble, booking the match to take place when we as an audience are fully aware of their capabilities is the smart thing to do. Who knows what kind of injury either man could sustain over the next twelve months or even at WM33 in Orlando?

Plus, we all know that Cena is transitioning into a part-time role. The guy is going to be gone more often than he's around pretty soon and the importance of this contest is going to diminish as a result.

Not seeing Cena for so long will allow fans to get on his back more and more, and by the time the New Orleans show rolls around next April, we could have two part timers facing off in the main event. For now, at least, Cena is still on the fence when it comes to his official status within the company.

Yes, it seems like they want Undertaker to have a match in the Superdome once again, but does that really make any sense? Whilst it was the sign of his greatest failure, there shouldn't be a scenario in which he allows himself to make up for that.

‘Taker is an ageing Superstar who shows up every once in a while, and that kind of storyline enhancement should be awarded to someone who's going to be here on a week to week basis.

John Cena The Undertaker
WrestleMania 33 is the time and the place

You'll get more mileage out of the idea that WrestleMania 30 was the beginning of the end, and there was no way ‘Taker was going to be able to step foot back in the Superdome again. Whilst it would make sense to have him lose, you can't risk a year's worth of storytelling based on a guy, who might not even be able to wrestle as we alluded to earlier.

Also, it's strongly believed that Cena-Taker was first meant to take place at WM32 in Dallas before Big Match John's injury. That in itself should have been a huge warning sign for Vince that you just can't predict the future as much as he may want to.

Look, it's not like people who are going to WrestleMania 33 will go solely based on the premise that this match would happen - but you can't say the hints weren't there. WWE released a number of YouTube videos alluding to the possibility of this match taking place, in addition to Cena hinting at it on one more than occasion.

Make the people happy Vince, and save the matches against future stars for next year, while allowing ‘Taker to ride into the sunset with his health fully intact.

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