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Why Jeff Jarrett will never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

David Cullen
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TNA Hall of Famer, but that's it

Former 10-time World Champion and founder of TNA Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett, hit the headlines early this week for a very surprising reason, a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Now while this news is only making most wrestling news and media websites as of this writing, late Tuesday evening, news trickled in that the news report was false. Mike Johnson of PWInsider was said to have heard that Jeff Jarrett would be inducted into this year's WWE Hall Of Fame Class. Sportskeeda reached out to Mike and he confirmed to us that what he said had been misconstrued and he cannot confirm nor deny that Jeff was being considered.

Is it possible that Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett have put their differences aside? Well sure, WWE recently financed a stint in rehab for Jeff and the former WWE Intercontinental Champion was grateful. Vince had made up with many former Superstars who at one point would have wished death upon him, such as Bret Hart and the late Ultimate Warrior.

From the outside, it seems that McMahon was never fond of Jeff, or his father, Jerry Jarrett. And the tip of the iceberg came in 1999 when Jeff Jarrett left WWE and allegedly only agreed to drop the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna on TV if he was paid somewhere between $150,000 - $300,00, which is something Jeff denies.

Should it be true, and it likely is, this only made Vince despise Jeff even more, and that was before Jeff started TNA Wrestling, attempting to compete with McMahon and although TNA never provided genuine competition, were still a major thorn in WWE's side for several years.

Now we are to believe that Vince has forgiven Jeff?

Well, anything is possible. However, I can still never see a Hall of Fame induction happening, firstly because I don't personally believe it will ever happen due to their past and Vince's dislike of the Jarrett clan. Let's not forget Jeff's real-life public firing from WCW by Vince on national TV; secondly because Mike Johnson was misquoted in the news piece that started all of this; thirdly because high profile WWE Superstar Kurt Angle despises Jeff Jarrett; and finally Jeff is still trying to secure a TV deal, roster and contracts for performers to join his Global Force Wrestling, which he has confirmed is still going to be running many events in the future.

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