Why isn't longtime WWE theme composer Jim Johnston in the Hall of Fame?

Jim Johnston composed some of WWE's most famous entrance themes of all time
Jim Johnston composed some of WWE's most famous entrance themes of all time
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Whether it was the crash of Stone Cold Steve Austin's glass or the sound of a Mick Foley car crash before those famous guitar chords were struck, WWE composer Jim Johnston always made sure you knew who was coming.

Johnston, now 62 years old, began producing music for Vince McMahon in 1985 and stayed with WWE until his eventual release in 2017. Over thirty years of excellence that included some of the most beloved entrance music in the history of sports entertainment.

From The Ultimate Warrior's rope-shaking beats and raucous noise to The Undertaker's graveyard symphony, Johnston had an uncanny ability to see a performer and marry music to their gimmick and overall attitude.

Friday. Ultimate Warrior theme song on. Let's get it team. Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel.

Subconsciouly, he tied our memories of a particular wrestler to the first few notes we heard through the speakers in the arena. Or while watching the broadcast at home.

It was sort of like Pavlov's dog when he heard the bell ringing. He started drooling for dinner and came running for it as fast as possible.

When Jim Johnston's hits would play, WWE fans began foaming at the mouth

Due to Johnston's magical touch, WWE re-structured how they brought the wrestlers out for each match. His contributions not only added to the atmosphere of any show, they also changed the pulse of the industry.

Suddenly, every wrestler on the roster had their own theme, no matter how generic. They never entered the arena -- even during a supposed run-in 'save' -- until their music stated playing The same procedure was followed by other promotions thereafter, and is still in practice to this day.

So the question is: why hasn't the legendary Jim Johnston been inducted into the company's Hall of Fame yet?

@WWE @undertaker @nypost Now the WWE Hall Of Fame will be the WWE Hall of Immortals! Also now would be a Great Opportunity to Introduce Jim Johnston the Man that made the Undertaker's Theme as Well into the Hall Of Fame! With him doing a Live Performance of "Rest in Peace"! 🤩

This isn't a brand new notion, as several former superstars and even some executives have even voiced their belief that the man behind the music should be immortalized. Many of the performers in question have also stated that they would not have evolved into the characters they became if not for the tunes that Jim Johnston wrapped around their characters.

There doesn't seem to be any ill will between Johnston and the folks over at The Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment, as they chose to release him. He didn't quit on them, and the two sides ended things amicably. So there shouldn't be anything holding Johnston back from putting the letters 'WWE HOF' behind his name.

Johnston was, in many ways, just as important as the the superstars in the ring, the announcers doing commentary or the producers of the the television show. The multi-talented musician provided the ambience of the evening, particularly during the Attititude Era. He put in the extra effort to match the music to the mood of each individual competitor, and (quite frankly) he's the best ever at doing so. That should not go without being rewarded.

2022 would be a great year to honor Jim Johnston as a contributor to WWE by placing him where he belongs: The Hall of Fame.

Do you think Jim Johnston deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame? Please share your opinions and opinions in the comments section below.

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