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[Opinion] Why John Cena vs AJ Styles "Career vs Title" match at Wrestlemania 35 is best for business

Biplab Nath
5.25K   //    04 Oct 2018, 00:38 IST

The best of today vs The best of yesterday

It currently looks like WWE may want AJ Styles to be their longest reigning WWE champion in the modern era. There remains no doubt that he is a truly deserving wrestler to hold that record. But just like CM Punk's record-breaking reign was ended by a returning Dwayne Johnson, should John Cena, the 15-year veteran and now part-timer, return to Smackdown to break AJ's run?

This scenario spells money even on paper. Imagine AJ Styles going undefeated in championship matches one pay-per-view after the other as there's nothing seemingly capable of stopping him.

Enter John Cena. John Cena, WWE 's poster boy for over a decade, the man who needs one title victory to beat Ric Flair' s 16 Championship victories and become the most decorated superstar in all of WWE.

The leader of the Cenation has his days numbered in WWE, and that elusive title victory means everything to him. And what better place to become immortal, than the show of the immortals itself?

AJ and John have fought some of the best matches in recent years

The history between these two is terrific. They have a lot of respect for each other. But when it comes to the WWE Championship, both men will fight anything that comes their way. AJ is wary that John has a reputation of stealing the limelight from people who deserve it, and quite possibly he may reject Cena's challenge for a title shot.

But we know how Cena can influence his opponents. This year he brought the Undertaker out of his supposed retirement with his defying promos. He may end up putting his career at stake, for one last chance at glory. Maybe the opposite may happen, and Styles says he would give John a chance, but only if Cena's career is at stake. Who knows?

Cena and Styles have great chemistry together

Imagine the promos. Imagine the build up. This match and its stipulation have the potential to exceed the advertising for the rest of the matches on the card. It may even be better than the build-up to another John Cena vs The Undertaker. With the kind of chemistry these two possess, both in promos and between the ropes, this will be an awe-inspiring battle. The outcome of the match, whichever it may be, will be spellbinding.