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Why Mustafa Ali is probably going to have the next big push in WWE

Pranay Kumar
21 Dec 2018, 19:14 IST

Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali, the heart and soul of 205 Live, is on SmackDown now, and has pinned the current WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan. No one could have believed that this would happen, but last night on SmackDown, the event turned into a huge push for Ali.

Ali has been a top performer for WWE throughout the year, his bouts with Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander stole the show whenever and wherever they took place. Even when he was booked on the pre-show, or given the C treatment 205 Live is usually given, he shined in those matches.

Ali is a great athlete, and has his arsenal full of great high flying moves, and can build a great story in the ring. He has time and again shown how great he is in the ring. All his matches have been highly rated, full of those last-minute pin breaks, and exciting moves.

Ali was brought to SmackDown for one night against Bryan as a part of the WWE Champion's new storyline. He impressed everyone with the quality match he had with Bryan, as he took Bryan to his limits.

This week, it was announced that he is now an active member of the SmackDown roster. Then he was teamed up with Styles, and when he pinned Bryan clean with the 504 splash, it signaled his arrival.

WWE has announced that they are going to usher in a new era, with new matches, and new faces.

These back to back performances in the last two matches on SmackDown must have elevated his status, and built his rep with the management. The fans were already behind him because of his amazing skills.

His time has surely come, as it's a new era in WWE, and top management are showing their interest in him. A superstar of his talents surely deserves a push, and all we can do now is wait to see what WWE has in store for him.

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