Why did Sting vs The Undertaker never happen in WWE?

WWE missed a major opportunity?
WWE missed a major opportunity?
Jitesh Puri

Sting and The Undertaker are two of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. Their dark personalities have made them stand out from most performers.

Both of them competed in WCW and later joined WWE. However, they never went face to face in a televised match. If you're wondering about the reason behind them not facing each other, we've got you covered.

Why did Sting vs The Undertaker never happen in WWE?

During their time in WCW, Sting was treated as a major star while The Undertaker wasn't even an official character. He competed in WCW under the name 'Mean Mark' Callous.

After the end of WCW, the Undertaker became a legendary superstar in WWE while Sting didn't debut for the franchise until 2014. After his official debut at Survivor Series 2014, Sting was engaged in rivalries against Triple H and Seth Rollins.

Unfortunately, Sting was injured and was forced to retire in 2015, and fans never got to see the dream match they had wanted for decades.

Did The Undertaker and Sting want to face each other?

Both @Sting and the @undertaker were under @WWE contracts in 2015, but never fought.…

The answer is yes. Sting has always been public about his opinion on facing The Phenom. After he retired in 2015, he also contacted WWE officials for a cinematic match against The Undertaker.

However, WWE rejected his idea. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he confirmed that he wanted to face the WWE Legend in a cinematic match.

"I wanted that to happen,... I was very clear publicly, and I was very clear with WWE, as well. I wanted my last hurrah against 'Taker. For whatever reason, it just never materialized. To this day, I don’t know why. Maybe 'Taker never wanted to work with me. I have no idea." said Sting.

Sting's assertion may have been correct. In an interview with Barstool Sports, The Undertaker spoke about his opinion on facing The Vigilante in 2020.

“To be completely honest, the match would have been cool in the 90s or early 2000s," Undertaker said. "But there's a reason the Last Ride documentary came about and I called it a day. Although, in my heart I still want that Sting match. But my body doesn't corporate with the other two factors in that. It becomes really difficult.” [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

Considering that both wrestlers are 50+ years old, the match happening around 2020 may have been a disappointment in terms of wrestling quality. However, a cinematic match would have been a believable way to deliver the long-awaited dream match.

Undertaker vs. Sting.Boneyard Match.#Wrestlemania 37.Please & thank you.

With The Undertaker retired and Sting now in AEW, it seems likely this showdown will never happen.

However, this isn't the only dream match that never happened. Wondering why Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan never happened in WWE? Click here!

Do you think Sting vs The Undertaker should have happened in 2020? Let us know in the comments section!

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