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Why the Mandy Rose and Otis storyline is more enjoyable than Lana and Lashley

  • The storyline between Mandy Rose and Otis is more enjoyable for fans than the Lana and Lashley angle, and it's easy to see why.
Modified 12 Jan 2020, 21:53 IST
The love story of Otis and Mandy Rose
The love story of Otis and Mandy Rose

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Since moving to FOX in October, SmackDown has had some hit and miss storylines. One of the major hits has been the budding love angle between Otis and Mandy Rose. It is everything the WWE wishes the Lana and Lashley storyline would be. 

Their story arc began during the Christmas episode of SmackDown where Mandy was revealed to be Otis’ Secret Santa. She gave him a ham and a kiss on the cheek. In the following weeks, we have seen them in short backstage segments. These included Dolph Ziggler destroying a fruitcake that Otis’ mother made for Mandy and Friday night's episode where Mandy brought Otis a cake that said "I’m Sorry" on it.  

One of the main reasons this storyline is a hit with the fans is because there haven't been any long, drawn-out 20 minutes in-ring segments like the Lana and Lashley angle on RAW. Instead, they are short, backstage segments that we only see once or twice per episode. It’s like the old saying goes, “sometimes less is more”. 

Another reason fans are invested in this story is because it's relatable. For many generations men have fallen for women who are seemingly way out of their league. More often than not, they never seem to get the girl, but they can sure root on Otis in his quest for love.

Meanwhile, the Lashley and Lana angle has been very convoluted. Lana left Rusev because he wanted too much sex and ended up with Lashley, who it is obvious that she is having lots of sex with. Not to mention the quick fake pregnancy angle thrown in. It just doesn’t make sense and fans can’t relate to it like they can with the Otis and Mandy. 

Mandy Rose has also shown lots of character development with the story as well. When she wrestles, she is still a heel. Which is evident by her “You will never look as good as me” line. However, when it comes to Otis, she has shown to have a sweet side and is nice to him. Otis being extremely charismatic helps as well. Even if this story ends in the obvious scenario, which is Mandy leading Otis on just to end up with Ziggler, it will be worth it.


Mandy would garner even more heat with the fans than she did before, while the crowd will get behind Otis more than they already have. With Lana and Lashley, no one is really being helped. Lana is getting a heat, but not the good kind of heat. Lashley is being made to look bad by essentially being told what to do by Lana. Rusev is the only one benefiting, as he is getting over as a good guy once again. So, while the Lashley and Lana story isn't as big a hit with the crowd as the WWE may have wanted it to be, the company has found a diamond in the rough with the Otis and Mandy Rose angle.  

That said, there's no denying the Lashley and Lana angle has been a success for the company. Their RAW segments continue to draw monster numbers on the WWE YouTube channel. So people are tuning in, even if they may not like what they are watching.

Published 12 Jan 2020, 21:53 IST
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